Redragon M601 Review (Best Wired Gaming Mouse)

Redragon M601













  • Economical
  • Braided cable
  • Adjustable weights
  • Aesthetically beautiful


  • Quality doesn’t feel premium
  • Always-on LED lights

To get a budget gaming mouse, the Redragon M601 goes much beyond the call of duty also provides tremendously on most of the classes mentioned previously. The moderate sensitivity configurations, coupled with a set of additional buttons, all wrapped into an ergonomic and elegant bundle make this mouse a power to be reckoned with, even in contrast to the high-end versions

Design Of Redragon M601

This firm has been working in the USA since 1996. Initially, they began building digital components for different businesses; softly building their popularity by providing quality products and services, on account of the reach of their job, Redragon M601 chances are that you might have a minimum of one product in your desk which has Redragon-manufactured parts inside them.


We are not quite certain what type of wizardry and black magic extends into Redragon M601 peripherals, but these men build some of the very sturdy and dependable Redragon M601 goods, in a fraction of the price that things from different businesses go by. Ironically, this business does not excel in the imagination section, because most of their goods are modeled following more costly versions made by other producers. As an example, the Redragon Perdition is modeled following the Razer Naga (and that’s your G600, but nobody appears to mind when Logitech does it now )

Case in point, the Redragon M601, also referred to as the Centrophorus is a mouse that provides solid performance, regardless of the meager price tag which would indicate otherwise. But because we can not really end the inspection on such announcement and call it daily, let us get going on the elements which place this peripheral apart from the contest.

Features Of Redragon M601

Claiming a gambling peripheral is great rather than following up on this announcement would be a complete disservice to our subscribers. In that sense will need to set the point and establish a set of standards to look at when reviewing these products. For overall purpose mice like the Centrophorus.


we will need to produce our test based on particular facets that allow this particular entry to perform on a vast assortment of jobs; from routine office function to multi-genre Redragon M601. That having been said, we generally assemble our testimonials taking into consideration aspects like the number of additional buttons, the build quality, the layout aesthetics, and also the sort of sensor.

As we mentioned previously, this mouse features a decent-quality optical detector, which may be corrected at around 2,000 CPI. Alas, the somewhat small sensitivity ceiling leaves the Centrophorus ill-suited to get faster-paced games that rely on twitch actions and fast reflexes. Nonetheless, in all honesty, even when it has to do with gambling or office function, sensitivity limitations are rarely a deal-breaker for the majority of users.

Performance Of Redragon M601

I’d even go as far as to state that, the ones that buy Redragon M601 mice using 16,000 max CPI configurations scarcely crank up their sensitivity all of the ways; the moves become far too caked at this rate. The 2,000 CPI provided from the Redragon M601 will probably be more than sufficient for many games.


What is more significant than CPI, in my view, is ergonomics. Any mouse can give you plenty of perks, features, and advantages, but when it does not fit neatly and comfortably in your hand, then you may too utilize a boulder as a peripheral. An ergonomic mouse can help save you from wrist breeds or hand accidents, a product of improper or excessive mouse usage.

The M601 has finger rests on either side, which helps your thumb ring, and pinky fingers when slipping and holding the mouse throughout the monitoring surface. What’s more, the sides are coated with a tough texture that feels great to the touch and gives an excess quantity of grip.


Even the Teflon pads installed on the base of the Redragon M601 make sure your slip is as easy as it may be, even after years of usage. And talking of years of usage; the Centrophorus comes with durable micro-switches on every one of its buttons that are analyzed to last for as much as 20 million clicks; this really is the Redragon M601 mouse you will not be replacing any time soon.


For the purchase price of this mouse, then we actually can not think of some shortcomings. The product’s Redragon M601 defects (if you can get any) will almost certainly be chalked up to components that are overburdened. But, Redragon utilizes strict Excellent control criteria so that mice never Wind up in the consumer’s hands,

A nice number of features, coupled with an equally decent cost make the Redragon M601 Centrophorus an excellent selection for entry-level players, or if you just require a fantastic mouse to get things done. The further buttons, weight tuning collection, and LED light are just the cherry on the sundae that creates this merchandise such a fantastic option.

RGB backlit

Additionally, in case you’ve got a 1080p track on your PC then this mouse will be quite ideal for that sort of particular monitor. The various DPI setting options are excellent for 1080p resolution screens. It may change between 800/1200/1600/ / 2400/7200 DPI and the RGB lighting will vary based upon the DPI setting to which you put it to. You’ll also have the ability to fix these color settings within the program that Redragon has generated for your M601.


In case you’ve got a greater resolution screen then among those higher DPI settings will be crucial if you’re searching for an authentic mouse. In case you’ve got a greater resolution than 1080p then you are likely to require a higher DPI setting so as to receive optimum results with your mouse.

DPI stands for dots per inch that’s how many dots that your mouse cursor can move an inch of your screen display. If your screen is 1080p, then you’ll need a ballpark center Assortment of DPI to get better precision and also to Have the Ability to move your mouse more easily.

Panel Of Redragon M601

So essentially, this mouse is ideal to get 1080p monitors. You get a wonderful scale of DPI which it is possible to fix on the fly and after that, you can correct your in-game sensitivities to learn what works best for you! After blowing all your cash on the hottest graphics card or even.


Additionally, it has an eight-piece weight reduction system, with every fat weighing in at 2.4 g, for people who prefer lighter or heavier resistances after gambling. There is also a bizarre rattling sound that is coming from the interior of the mouse once you pick it up and shake it. the most powerful CPU, you probably realized you did not save some money for your peripherals. Well, worry not, since we are planning to present you to some mice which will sit nicely in your budget!

Though loose components within the ReDragon Redragon M601 will not impede your Redragon M601 functionality, it will talk a great deal about the build quality. You definitely wouldn’t be seeing this particular problem in products that are toaster. Luckily, this rattling isn’t perceptible once the mouse is moving onto a surface. Still, it’s still an issue to tip out.


Regrettably, ReDragon does not get too much into detail regarding the two main variables of a gaming mouse — both the detector along with the buttons — and we are very sure ReDragon cut back prices in these branches so as to find the cost so low. On many high-end gaming mice, and on the mid-tier ones, you can anticipate Omron switches which are rated for countless clicks.


in addition to, either a TrueMove 3 detector or 3366 Optical detectors. While we can not always test the number of clicks that the mouse can survive in this brief time period of reviewing, we could test the detector through Redragon M601 sessions and supply our feedback on its functionality.

And in our final group, I think that it’s very safe to say the Redragon M601 would not be a fantastic mouse to its MMORPG players. Any devoted MMORPG participant would much rather prefer multiple programmable side buttons — that ReDragon provides a funding option for this, too. With this mouse, you simply get two usable reprogrammable buttons — certainly not enough for the ordinary World of Warcraft or TERA participant. Mouse acceleration and detector jittering might become a problem when dueling in PvP manners, but it should not be an issue during PvE.

Adequate sensor

The dragon M601 was not a pity, per se, but that is taking the cost into account. It honestly is not the very recommendable mouse that ReDragon has to offer you. Thus, it shouldn’t talk for the business as a whole since they made a decision to tackle the job (or burden) of producing this kind of funding gaming mouse.


But taking everything into account, would I recommend this? dragon cut a great deal, and it is apparent they did so only by taking a look at the purchase price of this mouse. But there is no doubt in starting off using this mouse.

Despite all that I have mentioned, it’s more than that which I anticipated escaping a budget. What this means, though a mid-tier mouse can perform quite near some high-tier mouse, even funding will not come anywhere near a mid-tier mouse. Thus, the excess cash you’ll be able to spend in the lower tiers will have a marked impact on aggressive Redragon M601 gaming.

With features like 3200DPI (dots per component ), weight pruning mechanics, 6 buttons together with among these being completely compacted in the program, relaxation in the hand along with amazing black and red looks, this is expected to be more costly directly, but it isn’t.

Gamer design Of Redragon M601

If playing computer games is the hobby, then you understand very well the mouse decides the sport experience to relish. That is the reason the industry is flooding with numerous pc Redragon M601 mice, together with all of those promising to be the ideal. With lots of mice clocking at cost ranges of 80 and above, it is possible to see why the cheap ones have won many hearts.

Gamer-design- Of-Redragon-M601

This dimension is comfortable for all kinds of players, and by kind here, we suggest Redragon M601 that the hand’s size. Individuals with large, small, and medium-sized hands will discover that it is very comfortable to use. When you’ve got large palms, then you can hold it hands fashion and in case you’ve got small hands, then you can grip it off style.

The weight is great, and you also can decrease or increase by employing the available weight tuners. There are 8 of these and everyone weighs 2.4gram. You might also alter the middle of gravity to fit your preferences.

The unit is encased in high excellent ABS plastic. It’s completed in matte-black, and it has contoured sides to ensure it is anti-slip. This is a brassy device. Since many game mice arrive with crowded button ports, this one includes only a couple of buttons despite its substantial dimensions. It’s only six buttons but three are programmable.

Final Thoughts

Under the scroll wheel, there’s a DPI modification button that you could use for certain activities when playing various games. The buttons are mounted on micro buttons, they’re reactive and pose no danger of misclicks. When you insert it into your computer, it is going to ask you to set up the computer software. There’s specifically designed for this particular product. But if you find it doesn’t prompt you to set up, then it means that it doesn’t come with that.

Don’t fret. Just visit the official site and download the program from there. It’s lite and thus you need to find it straightforward to work with, even for the very first time. Anyway, no driver is required to utilize this with your PC. Obviously, you might choose to utilize it with no program, but you won’t be able to program the buttons or the light. Therefore, it’s far better to set up the program should you intend to play your favorite games.

It’s tricky to locate gaming mice such as this you going at such a reduced cost coming with their devoted applications. That’s because this provider actually cares about the consumer experience. Well, a lot of folks don’t believe these are significant but the bells and whistles it has, the better to get a computer mouse. Tell you what, if you’ve got more weight, you’re in a position to shoot better and more precise shots. Thus, if this bark has adjustable weights, then you’re delighted to personalize the weight to match different game preferences.

If you enjoy playing games, well, you wish to produce your mice as lightweight as you can. This will let you make quicker motions, the thing that’s necessary for a strategy game. Even though the weights are discretionary, they won’t create a great deal of gap in regards to the cost. Thus, it’s just better to purchase them.

In certain areas, you’ll come across that the Redragon M601 DPI introduced as 3200 and in certain, as 2000. Well, whatever the situation, 3200 will be better compared to 2000, but this one includes 2000DPI. This usually means that the maximum screen resolution which it is possible to play is all about 1080P. Well, most of us recognize that even for your gambling mice which include 16000DPI, we barely get there.

Having a fantastic quality optical detector, you can make confident there is not any delay in data transfer. Obviously, that is made by the existence of the cable. In case you’ve got a monitor which has a higher resolution, then you might not locate this device as easily as you’d have enjoyed. But if you’re a casual gamer who does not mind mice using errant precision on high-resolution screens, you might stick with this one.

We can go on and on about the attributes that this thing includes. Redragon M601 But from the many discussed here, it is possible to see that it provides more than sufficient value for the price requested for this. While it has its own failings, if the experts are far more than the disadvantages of any item, we conclude that the item is great.

In the conclusion of the 21st century, that this business decided it needed to conduct business directly with the customer, rather than devoting their transaction exclusively to fulfilling component production.

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