Redragon M602 Review ( Best Wired Gaming Mouse)

Redragon M602













  • Under $20
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Software is easy to use and has plenty of options


  • Would have liked to see DPI settings to be more
  • Having more RGB customizations would have been nice

Have a look at the Redragon M602 comprehensive review of this mouse which we’ve got here before you opt to receive it. To start, I have seen a lot of testimonials nearly praising that mouse, stating it is a”gaming” mouse plus matches well in most grips, using a great detector. Redragon has made amazing mice previously… We will see whether the Redragon M602 can consume and precede mice have.

Design Of Redragon M602

Consequently, in this short article, I will attempt to be wholly unbiased, and write to you all I’ve experienced since I got this mouse and use it until the day I am composing this post, to be able to inform you when you need to receive it when you should not. Let us go then.


To begin with, let us begin with the plan. It’s a completely Redragon M602 over matte black color made from plastic along with a reflective black on the ideal side. Left-side it comes with a grip tape that is overburdened. Additionally, it has a few programmable RGB lights which we have faced some difficulties with, we will discuss it afterward.

But with all the buttons of Redragon M602 we have confronted the very first issue in my kind of hands, I believed that the thumb buttons have been placed too far forwards therefore, it ends up being an embarrassing means to press it once Redragon M602 you attempt at precisely the exact same time to make it to the bottoms on the other side of the scroll, acquiring some instances to bend your palms, then, all of a sudden once you understand, your hands are in some bizarre grip never noticed before.

Features Of Redragon M602

During a couple of hours of gameplay, I found that the button issues I stated above in addition to a tiny bit unprecise detector but considering its cost it had been performing nicely, though. Additionally, you may use around 7200DPI on this mouse, flexible through the top. Anyway, some users associated with getting confronted with issues with the buttons quit working after quite a while of usage.


You can tell the Redragon M602 layout was based around the mouse being able to be employed by essentially anybody. This sort of layout, using a thumb grip and side traction, is a popular style option for many businesses for great reason. It is most likely among the comfiest designs to proceed with. On the left side, however, there’s an exceptional groove that stinks with the grasp of this mouse. Understanding Redragon, this groove will feel great.

This dimension of the Redragon M602 mouse could be ideal for those with larger hands. And unless it is the hands of a toddler, then smaller palms are going to have the ability to use it effortlessly too. Teflon is a favorite choice for adding into the base of any mouse it is to have the ability to assist with all of the mice around your mousepad. Couple all that with the wonderful RGB lighting trim around the mouse as well as the amazing Redragon emblem and you have the Griffin.

Performance Of Redragon M602

The most crucial portion of your gaming arrangement is an amazing wired mouse. You wish to find something which could customize it however you desire. A customizable Redragon M602 mouse could be useful for you in the procedure and also offer you which you may want to look at the Redragon brand new. It’s fairly a favorite brand particularly for novices and that’s the reason why you should give it a try yourself. With the cost, it includes, you’d definitely be amazed at all the terrific things it has to give you.

redragon-m602-gaming -mouse

The newest, Redragon is something that’s been engaged in the gambling industry for at least 7 decades and they’ve experienced a fantastic manufacturing center since 1996. It’s a brand that’s been reliable for quite a while already and you may be assured that it’s because they produce things that are far beyond expectations and are lasting.

You would like something which will last you and be usable at precisely the exact same time and that’s exactly what this brand wishes to give to you. In 2012they began putting out peripherals on the current market and ever since that time, Redragon M602 they’ve been always been providing great quality things. The ergonomic design will wow you and it is easy to tell by the appearance of it that it’s a mouse created for everybody to utilize.


The thumb grip and the ideal side grip layout are just one of the most well-known layouts for a motive and it’s because it offers the consumer relaxation. On the flip side, the left side of this Redragon M602 mouse has an exceptional grove that will curve directly together with all the traction of your mouse.

If you’re seeking a mouse that has a fantastic appearance and at precisely the exact same time enables you to feel comfortable with it, then that is exactly what you would like to get.


It’s about 130 g that’s quite lightweight and also the cable length could be approximately 1.8m. That is generous and need to have the ability to assist you to move a good deal. If you have a tendency to be on the larger size when it has to do with your hands afterward the Redragon M602 mouse will be ideal for you.

The base of the mouse includes Teflon that helps it slip into your mousepad. It could be the very best thing to test out as it goes easily, letting you have an excellent time enjoying your sport.

You receive the right/left mouse, you receive a middle mouse click, two DPI buttons on the top, and after that, you also get two thumb buttons from both sides. The keys are truly the norm to the gaming industry nowadays. Something else you ought to want to concentrate on is the light trim on your mouse in addition to the wonderful emblem of Redragon onto it. You may realize exactly how pretty it’s when you consider it and that’s something to consider.

RGB backlit Of Redragon M602

The RGB backlit can readily be corrected based on what DPI you’re in. The Redragon M602 mouse goes around 7200 DPI. In 1200 DPI, you have to get blue backlit. You’ll be receiving pink whenever you’re in 2400 DPI plus a yellowish backlit for your 7200 DPI. Otherwise, you’d be receiving a rainbow-colored backlit.


You can readily get the applications from the official website of Redragon and also you are able to discover the one for your Redragon M602 and there you will find the drivers and guides you want to know about it. You’ll be learning more about the buttons that are programmable in addition to adjusting the rate for your double-clicking attribute.

Having the ability to set the rate to this is something which you normally don’t see using a mouse which is this inexpensive. It’s quite simple to set up the application and you only have to download the RAR file, find out how to extract it, and put it in it. In terms of the cost, you can’t do any better than that for the cost of being below $20 of Redragon M602. It’s quite comfy and the customization variables that a lot. You get to have the ability to customize it to fit your requirements and there will be no much to be concerned about in regards to the quality.

Final Thoughts

It would be good to give it a try and see for yourself whether it seems right for you. The Redragon M602 cost isn’t so much so you’ll have the ability to test it out and should you not feel as though you’re loving it, then you can readily purchase a new replacement without much fuss. But plenty of users of this mouse are staying with it since it’s indeed very magnificent.

In summary, it’s a perfect Redragon M602 gaming mouse for people who are searching for an inexpensive alternative but still wish that an ergonomic design with customizable configurations.

The preset is much more than sufficient in regards to 1080p gambling. You simply have to fix things like your in-game sensitivity whenever you’re playing. It’s comfy and there are a whole lot of excellent reviews from the client so that is one more thing which you may want to bear in mind. You can’t go wrong with this mouse if you’re checking to a pleasant and non-invasive item.

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