Buccal Fat Removal: Procedure, Candidates, Cost, Complications

Buccal Fat Removal for Thinner Cheeks

The buccal fat pad may be a rounded mass of fat within the middle of your cheek. It’s situated between facial muscles, within the hollow space at a lower place your mala. the dimensions of your buccal fat removal pads affect your face form.

Everyone has buccal fat pads. However, the dimensions of buccal fat pads will vary greatly. If you’ve got larger buccal fat pads, you would possibly desire your face is simply too spherical or full. you will additionally desire you’ve got a “baby face.”


There’s nothing wrong with having larger cheeks. however, if you’d wish to create the smaller, a surgeon may advocate buccal fat removal. This surgery is finished to scale back the dimension of spherical faces. If you’re curious about buccal fat removal, scan on to be told concerning the procedure and therefore the potential complications.

What is buccal fat removal?

Buccal fat removal may be a style of cosmetic surgery. It’s additionally referred to as a buccal anaplasty or cheek reduction surgery. During the procedure of the buccal fat removal pads in your cheeks square can be measure surgically removed. The cheeks & defines of the facial angles. The surgery is often done alone or with another kind of cosmetic surgery, such as.

  • facelift
  • rhinoplasty
  • chin implants
  • lip augmentation
  • Botox injection

Who’s a good candidate for buccal fat removal?


  • You might be an honest candidate for buccal fat removal if any of the subsequent applies to you:
  • You’re in good physical health.
  • You’re at a healthy weight.
  • You have around, fuller face.
  • You dislike the fullness of your cheeks.
  • You have pseudogenization (small round fat mass and the cheek due to weak buccal fat removal pad).
  • You’re seeking facial feminization surgery.
  • You have realistic expectations.
  • You don’t smoke.

Buccal fat removal isn’t for everybody. it’s going to not be suggested within the following eventualities

Your face is narrow.  If your face is of course skinny, the surgery would possibly cause sunken cheeks as you age.

You have progressive hemifacial atrophy (Parry-Romberg syndrome).  This rare disorder causes the skin on one facet of the face to shrink. It’s famous to have an effect on the buccal fat pad.

You’re older.  As your age, you naturally lose fat in your face dowing this. The procedure would possibly emphasize jowls and different signs of facial aging.

What’s the procedure like?


Before the procedure

Before the procedure, you’ll talk over with your operating surgeon concerning your:

  • expectations and goals
  • medical conditions
  • current medications, including vitamins and supplements
  • alcohol, tobacco, and drug use
  • drug allergies
  • past surgeries

This data permits your sawbones to make a decision} the most effective surgical approach additionally as determine potential risks and recovery outlook. You might stop taking some medications or get blood tests before the procedure. Your sawbones also will analyze your face and take photos to set up the surgery.

During the procedure

  • The procedure is also worn out at a hospital or during a doctor’s workplace. Here’s what it always involves:
  • If you’re solely obtaining buccal fat removal, you’ll be local anesthesia in your face. You won’t feel any pain, however, you’ll be awake throughout the procedure.
  • If you’re receiving over one surgery, you may tend to general anesthesia. during this case, you’ll like a ride to and from the surgeon’s workplace.
  • Your MD can build AN incision within your cheek. They’ll place pressure on the surface of your cheek to any expose the buccal fat pad.
  • Your surgeon will cut and remove the fat.
    They’ll close the wound with dissolvable stitches.

After the procedure


Before going home, you’ll incline a special gargle to stop infection. Your supplier can make a case for the way to take care of your incision. You’ll have to be compelled to eat a diet for many days. you’ll be able to then achieve soft foods before returning to your traditional diet. After the surgery, your face is swollen and you’ll expertise bruising.

each ought to diminish as you heal. Full recovery sometimes takes concerning three weeks. During recovery, follow your doctor’s directions for self-care and consumption. Attend all of your follow-up appointments. You can expect to envision leads to many months. It takes time for your cheeks to settle into their new form.

What are the best potential complications of buccal fat removal pad?

Buccal fat removal is usually thought of safe. However, like all procedures, there’s a risk for unwanted aspect effects.

Possible complications include:

  • excessive bleeding
  • infection
  • negative reaction to anesthesia
  • hematoma
  • lockjaw
  • seroma (fluid accumulation)
  • salivary gland damage
  • facial nerve damage
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • cardiac or pulmonary side effects
  • excess removal of fat
  • facial asymmetry
  • poor results

You might like another surgery to correct a number of these problems

What doctor if you notice any of these unusual symptoms.

  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • abnormal heartbeat
  • excessive bleeding
  • severe pain
  • signs of infection

How much does the procedure cost?


Buccal fat removal pad the ranges are between $2,000 and $5,000.

The procedure might cost more or less depending on factors likes.

  • the surgeon’s level of experience
  • the type of anesthesia
  • prescription medications

Since buccal fat removal may be a cosmetic procedure, it’s not lined by insurance. You’ll need to disburse of pocket. Before obtaining the surgery, check with your surgeon’s workplace regarding the full price. raise if they provide payment plans.

How can I find a board-certified plastic surgeon?

It’s vital to search out a board-certified operating surgeon WHO has expertise in buccal fat removal. this may guarantee your surgery is performed safely and properly. To find a professional operating surgeon, visit the Yankee Society of Plastic Surgeons. On their website, you’ll be able to notice plastic surgeons by town, state, or country. Choose a Dr. WHO is certified by the Yankee Board of cosmetic surgery. this means that they received education and coaching consistent with specific skilled standards.

Questions to ask at your initial consultation

Don’t be afraid to raise queries at your initial consultation. It’s the simplest thanks to noticing the simplest Dr. for your desires.

Consider asking the following questions:

  • Were you specifically trained in plastic surgery?
  • How many years of expertise does one have?
  • Have you performed buccal fat removal within the past?
  • Do you have before-and-after photos of previous patients?
  • How ought to I inure the procedure?
  • How can you perform my surgery?
  • Am I in danger of complications?
  • however, can these be handled?
  • What am I able to expect throughout the healing process?

Finally, check that you’re feeling snug along with your doctor. they must cause you to feel safe and relaxed.

Key takeaways

Buccal fat removal could be a surgery that reduces the scale of your cheeks. A medico removes the buccal pads, making a slimmer face. If you meet bound health criteria and have a fuller face, you may be a perfect candidate. In general, the procedure is taken into account safe. Recovery takes many weeks. Like all surgeries, there’s a risk for complications. For best results, work with AN older board-certified surgeon

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