Redragon M901 Review (Best Wired Gaming Mouse)

Redragon M901













  • Powerful 16,400 CPI laser sensor that tracks on nearly every surface
  • 8-piece weight-tuning system
  • 18 fully programmable buttons, including a CPI switch to adjust sensitivity on-the-go


  • The design aesthetics can be somewhat lacking, compared to other mice on the market​
  • The 12 button grid can take some getting used to although the same can be said of other mice with this feature, such as the Razer Naga

The Redragon M901 is among the most effective gaming mouse on the market. It’s a crazy maximum DPI that not a great deal of competitors could match. Even the Teflon footpads allow it to be compatible with the majority of surfaces so that players may continue to keep their previous installation and only purchase a new mouse.

Design Of Redragon M901

After buying a Redragon M901, then having to come back to it later as a result of connectivity problems, I mouse chose to provide a lesser-known title a go. Redragon is a Chinese gambling company, specializing in gambling keyboards and mice. After scouring the web, I eventually found the ideal mouse to get me.


In addition, it comes in two colors white and black. White-colored gaming mice are extremely rare. Most huge businesses don’t provide their mice. This makes the Redragon M901 Perdition the number one option for players who love high-end gaming equipment and need their gear in white. The mouse has a stunning and ergonomic layout. It’ll fit in and look good in the majority of gaming setups plus it seems fantastic in many hands.

The mouse also includes a weight correcting system — 8×2.4 g weights, to create it exactly how you need it. This offers the mouse an additional price. Fixing the weight in accordance with your hands makes the motion more eloquent, which adds much to the total experience. You get to pick from over 16 million colors for your LED, which ought to be more than sufficient for anybody.

Features Of Redragon M901

The LED may also be put to pulse mode also it may even be handicapped, which many people today prefer. The gambling Redragon M901 mouse includes Teflon footpads, which offer additional smooth glide on many surfaces. This attribute makes the Redragon M901 mouse quite versatile when it comes to mouse pads and that is critical because most players want to stay with their older pads.


The detector provides you with 16400 DPI which’s pretty mad. That’s more than sufficient for almost any gamer out there because high-level gamers mostly prefer really low DPIs. For the exact same reason, the Redragon M901 mouse has on-the-fly DPI altering. How it also comes in white is a huge plus since.

there are not many high-end Redragon M901 gaming mice that offer that color. If you’re trying to find a white mouse then that is likely your number one option and if you do not actually take care of the color then it remains at the very top when it comes to MMO mice.

The very first thing you will notice when considering the mouse would be the massive number of buttons. The mouse includes 18 programmable buttons. Applying these buttons can enhance your game a good deal. Largely by making responding much quicker. Rather than looking for the ideal button on your computer keyboard, you constantly have your thumb directly alongside them all.


This permits you to save your buttons and DPI for different games. When you have this many buttons you then do not wish to reprogram them every single time you play something different. This can be quite annoying and have a great deal of time however also the Redragon M901 saves you out of it. Each profile also includes a different color for rapid identification.


Players have the ability to program each key utilizing Redragon M901 applications, which also allows the user to do things such as set the mouse sensitivity, and also customize the numerous LED lights that adorn the gambling mouse itself.

The mouses’ 6-foot cable can also be braided, maintaining it from tangling. As stated previously, the Perdition includes a weight pruning disc. By turning the mouse above and only popping out a tiny circular module, an individual can then add or eliminate the little silver weights, possibly giving you a super mild or hefty texture.

Quality Of Redragon M901

The grooves running across the mouse’s surface texture natural and complete it only fits nicely in your hand. The positioning of its buttons can also be comfortable, letting you switch between goals, then unleash the fury of your action bar.


Although, with everyone these experts you can find little things to whine about. Many have complained that the scroll wheel has been straightened too closely, hindering its motion. I Redragon M901 haven’t experienced this, so I presume that is a case-by-case episode. 1 criticism I do need, is that using the strengthened, braided cord being somewhat heftier, I find myself pulling up for idle in the event the cable occurs to cover the edge of my desk.

Now we’re getting into the appropriate Redragon M901 PERDITION inspection, I believe it is fair to mention, to get a mouse, this one packs quite an impressive detector. The onboard Avago laser detector provides impressive tracking capacities, which may be corrected to your maximum sensitivity of 16,400 CPI.

RGB backlit

We can not perhaps think of a circumstance where you would want all that rate; but nevertheless, it’s wonderful to have the choice available. The laser character of this detector also allows this mouse to monitor on many surfaces -like glass tables without a mousepad.


The exorbitant number of buttons supplied via this mouse makes it ideal for all those games where all your character’s spells and skills can be mapped into a hotkey. Together with the Redragon M901, you can gain access to stated skills at your fingertips, and this, then, will give you a direct edge over your adversaries.

If it comes to design and standard layout, Redragon M901 seldom gives us something to discuss. As we mentioned previously, the gambling mice produced by this group frequently feature subtle variants of the exact same design. As an example, the Redragon M901 appears like the M601; the gap is composed of the former using a negative panel where all of the extra buttons are arranged in a grid, whereas the latter has just a couple, and they seem more slick and stylized. Both of these versions, then, are like the M801, and also, you get the idea.


That is not to say that this mouse is not comfortable, since it’s; it is just that there’s not much to check out. The Redragon M901 attributes grooves onto the ideal panel where the ring and pinky fingers can break upon. This crevice of types also supplies much-needed grip in these scenarios where speed is paramount to get outmatching your competitors.


the final thing worth mentioning concerning the Redragon M901 is its own weight-tuning capacities and durable micro-switches. The former enables the user to carefully tweak the mouse weight to present a tighter or looser slide onto the monitoring surface. Each of the qualities mentioned previously is packed closely to an elegant casing which arrives in white or black.

The end result is a hardy mouse that feels laborious and not unlike the ideal gaming mice on the current market, with the extra plus of a very low price tag which makes it available for both entry-level players and seasoned veterans alike.


Redragon M901 is a business that, before the turn of this century, committed its commerce to generate digital components for different organizations. Up until lately, Redragon M901 made a wide variety of components utilized in several electronic types of equipment. Actually, chances are that at least one of those products now sitting on your desk has components manufactured by this organization.


This newfound popularity motivated them to establish their Redragon M901 lineup of peripherals, which are some of the very best accessories for players on a budget, achieving both affordability and quality at every one of their goods.

But, creating quality hardware with a lot of great features at very affordable prices does not come without a couple of corners. And in the instance of Redragon, originality is forfeited in order to make their lineup of merchandise. Nearly all of the organization’s gaming mice discuss similar layouts and are similar to other people from various businesses.

Adequate sensor

It is Redragon’s proposition into the MMORPG genre of matches and is modeled following luxury peripherals like the Razer Naga, or the Logitech G600 MMO. But despite its apparently poor quality and reduced price tag, many Redragon goods can quickly stand tall with their opponents’ peripherals.


As you may understand, more frequently than not, gambling peripherals could be told apart from their generic counterparts due to the features they provide. While most office mice offer you passable performance with just 3 buttons and an adequate sensor, their gambling cousins generally have to offer you a good deal longer to appeal to the ideal demographics.

For example, most products within this class offer a specific amount of additional buttons, a detector with adjustable sensitivity, flexible measurements like length and weight, aesthetically pleasing attributes, and an ergonomic design for all those long periods. The Redragon M901 PERDITION ranks fairly well in almost all of these classes; with 18 completely customizable buttons, a professional-grade detector, adjustable weight, plus a whole lot more, this mouse is quite a force to be reckoned with, and worth every cent of its own (low) price label.

Gamer design

Rival gaming Mouse; constructed for PC players – ergonomic EDragon Redragon M901 perdition backlit laser gambling Mouse around 24000 DPI via applications (1000/2000/4000/8000/12000/24000 DPI user-friendly ), 12000 FPS, 1000 Hz polling speed, 50G acceleration. The high-precision PixArt PMW3360 sensor provides pinpoint precision while.


the Omron Micro switch guarantee durability, higher durability, and intense responsiveness giving you a much greater advantage over your competitors Led RGB Backlight cushioned gaming Mouse; 18 user-programmable buttons 5 Memory profiles each having a different LED Color alternative for fast identification. Comes with an 8-piece weight pruning collection.

M901 Mouse is currently taking Personalization to another level. Ergonomic gamer design; the ergonomic form of this EDragon Redragon M901 PC Gaming Mouse fits naturally in the mind, reduces stress when providing superior productivity and efficiency. Giving gamers a very comfortable gaming experience even through the most testing marathon gaming sessions such as League of Legends, Steam, Fortnite,, Overwatch, Call of Duty.

Final Thoughts

The mouse is made for eSports Gaming Experts who demand the best performance. The Gambling Mouse is very comfortable as a result of a contoured sleek ergonomic design and provides easy and precise movements because of its State of Art PMW3360 Precision Sensor.

The Mouse is totally weight balanced thanks to a consumer adjustable 8-piece weight tuning set (2. The Eragon Redragon M901 provides complete user personalization, ideal for long-lasting gaming sessions supplying maximum comfort and assistance Ideal for FPS gaming, the Eragon M901 includes a 24000 DPI optical gaming detector with innovative tracking and high-speed movement detection for accurate control.

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