Cooler Master MM710 Review (Best Gaming Mouse)

Cooler Master MM710













  • Good ergonomics
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Top-notch optical sensor
  • Super flexible cable
  • Honeycomb design keeps hand cool


  • Feels a bit too small
  • Looks a little odd
  • Perforated design may lead to dust buildup inside

Cooler Master MM710  devices comprise some rather unique designs, together with the likes of drilled cubes to conserve every gram potential. This sort of design was seen about half a decade back with all the Thermaltake Ventus. But, it’s just recently become mainstream. Cooler Master is among those producers pushing mice that are lightweight, and now we have a look at the Cooler Master MM710.

Design Of Cooler Master MM710

Together with the tools, Cooler Master MM710 has accessible, we’ve got high hopes for your MM710. Research and development, tooling, and production require a massive quantity of money, and the longer you have, the greater the product you’re able to develop. At least that is the concept. We’ll want to dive deeper to find out what gets the Cooler Master MM710 tick.



Gaming mice are extended in many different weights on the current market, which range from hefty 120-gram beasts into near-weightless 60-gram apparatus. If it comes to the latter selection, quite a few lightweight mice have dropped beneath the 60-gram markers.

Cooler Master, however, set out to change that if it made the MM170 Gaming Mouse. The outcome is a mouse which, while a hair over the side and not just trendy, performs superbly and provides PC players the lightest weight on the marketplace.

The very best thing about the Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse is how mild it’s at only 53 g, which can be accomplished both by using a milder ultra weave cable plus a honeycomb-like casing. I often prefer my gambling mice to have a little more of heft to them.

but people who prefer things as lightweight as you will probably be thrilled in exactly how weightless it seems to drag the mouse throughout the mouse pad or select this up to re-adjust your crosshair at a match. The mouse Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) polymer feet aid ensure that mouse motion is effortless and smooth, also.

Size & Weight Of Cooler Master MM710

The Cooler Master MM710 honeycomb shell, apart from lessening the burden of this device, also gives the advantage of allowing air to flow beneath wherever your hand places beneath the mouse, which will help keep your palms and hands cool if you are in a specially heated session of gambling. This is excellent, as a mouse that this lightweight could readily become flimsy in the event the places of the air pockets have been chosen badly.


The last thing which solidifies the excellence of this Cooler Master MM710 is its own optical detector, which provides pinpoint precision, excellent responsiveness, and a massive DPI (dots-per-inch) array of 400 to 16,000. The caliber of the optical detector fits what gambling mice three times as costly as the MM710 offer.

My only real problem with it is that for me personally, it was a bit too small. It was very comfortable to use and did not disturb me much during usage, but I discovered it nonetheless. My palms are somewhat larger than ordinary, however, which means you likely won’t notice this unless you are in the exact same manner. People with big hands ought to steer clear of the mouse.

Shape & Texture

The only additional thing that I was not a lover of using the Cooler Master MM710 was the way the honeycomb shell seems. I believe performance matters over aesthetics, and there are definitely a lot of advantages the honeycomb design provides, but I really do think it will seem rather goofy.


The four available versions translate to either white or black, using either a glossy or matte finish. It employs the PixArt PMW3389 optical detector, which includes adjustable polling levels of between 125 and 1,000 Hz. This also gives the mouse a reaction time of 4, 8, 21 ms.

Additionally, the CPI is flexible between 200 and 16,000 CPI at 100 CPI increments, together with 16,200 into 32,000 CPI at 200 CPI increments. However, it ought to be said that the maximum CPI of this detector is 16,000 CPI. The higher amounts are attained using automatic interpolation via applications, which clarifies the 200 CPI increments on the top end.

The history we recall, in regards to companies hoping to lighten and purify peripherals, began back in 2014 in Thermaltake. While we don’t remember any blowback in the layouts, there are always the ones that are concerned that the device may fill with Cheeto dust and leftover pieces of skin from the hands, we’ve never seen evidence of these claims.

Buttons Of Cooler Master MM710

Ever since that time, decades have gone by, and it seemed that thought had dropped off the map. But many decades after, we did find goods like the Finalmouse Air58 Ninja and the Glorious Model O surface, but regrettably, we have not had our hands on both of these.


The history we recall, in regards to companies hoping to lighten and purify peripherals, began back in 2014 in Thermaltake. While we don’t remember any blowback in the layouts, there are always the ones that are concerned that the device may fill with Cheeto dust and leftover pieces of skin from the hands, we’ve never seen evidence of these claims.

Ever since that time, decades have gone by, and it seemed that thought had dropped off the map. But many decades after, we did find goods like the Finalmouse Air58 Ninja and the Glorious Model O surface, but regrettably, we have not had our hands on both of these.

With just a few alternatives available on the current market, it just makes sense for other people to jump onto the wagon, and obtain their version of it outside in people, and absorb some of this hype that the earlier mentioned mice have generated. The thing about it is that if you’re likely to go head to head with goods that are raved about throughout the world wide web, you need to come out swinging for the fences to get noticed.


Cooler Master MM710 is the first important player in the peripherals sport to test their fortune, and we must state, in comparison side by side to another two present choices in mice, Cooler Master MM710 really came out, and if you’re interested in finding an open-top mouse using class-leading attributes, look no more.


Since you read this, the MasterMouse MM710 is currently on shelves on the side of the pond, where on the flip side, the mouse has been released a couple of weeks ago. But we believe that the confusion surrounding the launch that a number of websites ran into, and also the wait when compared with the competition was worthwhile.

We’re not here to pity the temptations in this course, but instead reveal how and in which the Cooler Master MM710 is superior to others, in several manners thoughts you, and ensure everything which has become such a style, leading to a system that’s worth your attention, even in the event that you possess the Model order or even the Ninja now.

It appears we constantly go through periods when it comes to mice. We have noticed the oversized mouse stage, the RGB LEDs anyplace stage, and now we’ve got the lightweight gaming mouse stage. The entire idea behind using a lightweight mouse would be that since it’s lighter you’re able to respond faster, have significantly less fatigue, and final a game for a longer time period. The MM710 weighs in at just 53g, making it the lightest mouse from this group and undoubtedly the lightest mouse I have ever examined.

Software Of Cooler Master MM710

If you are in the market for an ultralight mouse, then the Cooler Master MM710 is still among the cheapest and available alternatives out there. It is an easy mouse and did not make me a gamer immediately but it did feel much more like an extension of my arm compared to any other mouse I have used.


After using it for a couple of weeks, I am less worried about the equilibrium of this body than I’m about the internals being subjected to dust and debris. Only time will tell on this one, but if you do not require the flash of RGB and do not wish to cover the premium to get a Finalmouse, this really is an adequate alternative.

The MM710 is a little mouse and it is made from plastic to keep down weight. It measures only 116.6 x 62.6 x 38.3millimeter and ends toward the trunk for a marginally wider neater. Because of this, it seems somewhat wider compared than I am utilized to, but it is brief enough so that is not a lot of issues.

In comparison to lots of mice on the market, this can be a somewhat brief mouse having a prominent hump, so it is nearly a no-go for hands-on grippers with bigger hands. My palms step 16.5cm from the bottom of my hands to my fingertip, therefore I am still able to hands on the mouse. On the other hand, the form of the mouse still looks more suited to your claw grip, so that it surely will not be the ideal match for everybody.

Specifications In-Depth

It is almost amusing to see the way the pendulum has swung. The MasterMouse S really had a weight within it weighed around 13g. In 2019, the notion of this is foolish, and I am thankful that Cooler Master MM710 has redeemed itself beautifully with all the MM710. Tracking was accommodated, as anticipated, which will be pretty much the standard on top gaming mice now. In reality, if you are in the market for a gaming mouse, it currently makes far more sense to pay additional attention to the contour compared to the detector.


However, 1 area that could use improvement is that the inventory mouse feet. Cooler Master MM710 states that these are pure PTFE, but I am interested in swapping them out for third-party feet from Hyperglide or even Corepad to view the way the mouse manages with greater feet. There is some scratchiness from the box, likely because of the simple fact they don’t have curved edges. Things improve a little after breaking them though, and they become very useable. The toes also ship using a thin, almost undetectable plastic covering to protect them, so make sure you remove that.

Thus far, it feels like the majority of the ultralight mice also have handled this very nicely, and also the Cooler Master MM710 is not any different. The right and left mouse buttons will also be different from the primary body, which will be far better from a durability perspective since the whole shell does not need to bend each time you click. But do not worry, they are found low down so that they do not interfere with all the buttons.

Looks Of Cooler Master MM710

You are also likely worried about dust or liquid getting into the mouse. While it feels like it would be simple enough to wash out the internals having an air blower, Cooler Master MM710 states that its PCB can also be splash- and – dust-proof. I have not had the mouse for long enough to truly test out that, but it is intriguing to realize that the provider took steps to attempt and mitigate the dangers of getting that many holes at the mouse casing.


My review unit looks free of these issues, however, so it may be possible that there is some variance at play. I can not talk for others have obtained, but because of my mouse, there is no spin when vibration the mouse or tapping it on the table. The Cooler Master MM710 mouse buttons do not look too wobbly either, and I don’t have any complaints. Though some others have taken issue with all the wheel, the wheel in my unit is really remarkably quiet.

Our black Cooler Master MM710 arrived in a compact and solid package that featured a picture of the mouse at the front. On the top right corner, it highlights the mouse critical attributes while under the image contains”MM710″ written. There is not much info displayed on the box sides, however, the back has all of the critical features for everybody’s convenience. There is an image of this MM710’s underside portion exhibited in the middle.

Build Quality

Below the qualities and picture, a listing of attributes is re-listed, but in eight distinct languages. Additional details on the box back include the service speech, serial/model number decal, and system demands. To ensure that the item is secure, Cooler Master MM710 wrapped the mouse at a thin foam substance. Besides the mouse, other things in the box contain the data card and extra PTFE mouse ft.


Our Cooler Master MM710 review today focuses on the design and functions of this mouse. Simultaneously, the layout keeps the mouse durability too. See the honeycomb outside the mouse looks like the Cooler Master MM710 emblem, which will be an attractive signature blending using the brand. Another noteworthy part of the mouse is that the majority of its inner elements are water-resistant.

Some customers may not be keen about the sense of their holes, but we have really come to enjoy the excess grip given from the holes around the Finalmouse Ultralight two, and want the likes of this MM710 to extend the holes across the entire length of their sides also. The plastic coating, where your fingers hold the mouse, can find a little slippery once you have cold, dry hands.

The general form of this Cooler Master MM710 is intriguing also. It is rather small, but it’s a back-heavy layout, together with the most important hump of the mouse to the rear. Therefore, it is not especially comfortable to use within a fingertip-grip style. On the contrary, it’s best suited to palm grip usage by players with little hands. The trunk can be too slippery to offer a good buy to get claw traction. As ever, this is all dependent on the dimensions of your hands and the way you play with them, so we always advise seeing if there is a way to try out a mouse before purchasing it.

Feel & Performance Of Cooler Master MM710

As standard with a mouse, there are only a few capabilities. You get left, Right, Middle along with a leading DPI button, and two thumb buttons on your left side. There aren’t any thumb buttons to the right, therefore this is not a really ambidextrous mouse regardless of the shape.


The braided ultralight cable includes a looser style of braiding than ordinary, and also the cable beneath is quite flexible and soft. This greatly lessens the resistance of the cable so that it does not disturb your goal. It seems excellent.

The MM710 also employs the excellent PixArt PMW3389 optical detector and contains 20 million keypress-rated Omron buttons because of the left and right buttons. The detector’s DPI can be changed between around seven distinct levels by the upper button, together with the levels set through Cooler Master MM710 software. You could even fix button reaction time, double-click angle, speed tunability, lift distance, and polling rate. As we would expect, the Cooler Master MM710 performed perfectly concerning monitoring and button reaction — mouse detectors and buttons are so good nowadays.

The main feature, however, is exactly what it weighs: only under 53 g or 1.87 ounces. That does not make it the lightest mouse around –the lightest, I think, is that the limited edition Ultralight two In the same way, the Cooler Master MM710 feels really tiny. While I learned to adapt to this, I would not describe it because of the perfect dimensions, and I hope more customers will find it too little than will find it rather petite.

Cheap, Light & Comfortable

To reach its goal weight, the Cooler Master MM710 makes concessions into its own form and texture, which restricts its appeal. It is technically a mouse, but its own low-profile, symmetrical contour lacks the advantageous curves which make it rewarding for a layout to devote to supporting one dominant hand kind.


If you dismiss the shortcut buttons in the left border (put there for righties), the Cooler Master MM710 appears it ought to be an ambidextrous mouse. And this is the point where all hand-wringing about rate becomes a responsibility. Although it isn’t embarrassing to grasp, not factoring in relaxation and left-handed utility feels just like settling to get the worst of both worlds.

But I can also see just how many gamers, particularly inside esports circles, will see the benefits in these design options rather than mind the tradeoffs. Many consumers, particularly players using a claw grip in their own mice, will observe the Cooler Master MM710 contour for a blessing because when you move your mouse along with your palms, every ounce things. The smaller size means marginally less finger motion when you hit every button, and many aggressive players play low DPI settings, so that they use their arm to scroll, whether their hands match on the mouse fully.

Final Thoughts

It uses a PixArt PMW 3389 detector, able to keep tabs on my every twitch at any monitoring resolution within its scope up to 16,000dpi. The click panels game Omron switches, which can be rated for up to 20 million clicks, so is also apparently very lasting. All told, it is a really good mouse, but that just helps if its layout is your alley.

You can place and save as many as five profiles to your Cooler Master MM710, which is synced to certain programs and stored in onboard memory so that you can use them on almost any device. Regrettably, Portal can’t save more profiles compared to the mouse, however.

If you would like to produce profiles Cooler Master MM710 (and seven, and eight), then you are going to need to export the ones you’ve got, then swap and then reimport them once you wish to return. It is a little hassle, but it is sufficient to prevent some players from making a lot of game-specific profiles. Other configuration programs allow you to create and utilize as many profiles as you like on your house PC, so that feels somewhat limiting.

From market vendor Finalmouse–but it is extremely close, and also the lightest choice from a significant maker. If reduced weight means greater rate, and greater rate wins games, then this item ought to be the mouse each aggressive player requirements. Although its own weight is striking paper.

the question of whether the Cooler Master MM710 light construct makes a concrete difference along with other mice boils down to the person, to the match, and to your play style. That is on me, needless to say. I am 33, and my response timing is not exactly what it once was. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that”quicker” only means”greater” if your response times are already high.

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