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BenQ HT8050 Review (4K DLP Projector)

For many decades now, LCoS buffs have had access to native BenQ HT8050 4K HT projectors from Sony, in addition to pixel-shifting versions from JVC. LCD fans can acquire pixel-shifting versions from Epson. However,...

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BenQ HT2550 Review (4K DLP Projector)

BenQ HT2550 4K projectors might be getting better alongside their big-screen TV counterparts, although the latter was coming down in cost, the former continues to be slow to take a more consumer-friendly cost tag....

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BenQ HT2150ST Review (1080p DLP Projector)

As a result of this BenQ HT2150ST inspection, you can get familiar with the good projector which has 2.200 lumens with the usage of a 240W lamp. Such a peculiarity creates a profound image...

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Epson Home Cinema 4000 Review (4K LCD Projector)

It retains nearly everything which made the Epson Home Cinema 4000 a fantastic choice: HDR along with WCG service, digital lens change, zoom, and focus for simple and flexible setup, and pixel change to...

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Optoma UHD60 Review (4K DLP Projector)

In reality, for those seeking to acquire access to this completely immersive experience supplied by the movie theater within their own residence, Optoma UHD60 projectors are in fact the best path to take, as...