Pictek Gaming Mouse Review (Best Gaming Mouse Ever)

Pictek Gaming Mouse













  • Great performance
  • Affordable pricing
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Cable looks and feels a little cheap

If you’re looking for the very best gaming mouse on the current market then you merely have learned about the Pictek Gaming Mouse business producing the ideal gaming mouses, if they are wired or wireless. Now we’ll be discussing the Pictek Gaming Mouse very popular and mouse which will be the Pictek gaming mouse wired.

Design Of Pictek Gaming Mouse

There are a lot of reasons why people love this mouse however, the topmost is that Pictek the cost to performance ratio. If you would like all the fantastic attributes without breaking your bank, this can be the smartest choice.


Performance is the most important quality that makes Pictek purchase a product particularly when it’s around technologies. This mouse features a gigantic DPI functionality that’s 7,200. This Pictek gaming mouse implanted gets the best functionality when compared with another mouse on the marketplace in precisely the exact same price tag.

Since you’ll know about how sensitive that this mouse could be on account of the DPI degree, but in the event, you aren’t searching for this, thankfully this is flexible. It is simple to place your mouse sensitivity into a preferred level using the 2 buttons together with the mouse switches. This mouse also includes various polling rates to decrease any lagging circumstance.

Size & Weight

Many men and women opt for wireless gaming mouses however the simple truth is that a wired gaming mouse features an extremely reduced degree of lagging compared to a wireless one. That’s why we love this item.


Obviously, you aren’t paying for an extremely superior mouse and you aren’t going to Pictek Gaming Mouse to receive this, but though the quality is excellent for its price. The feel of the mouse is fantastic. Its substance does not look cheap in any way. The sides of the mouse do not have a suitable grip but it certainly won’t slide from your hand.

Should you want to put your hand in the kind of a claw and use your hands to your buttons, this mouse layout can be extremely comfy for you. The thumb point has a wonderful texture and traction, the rear part is smooth like the buttons do you could readily use.

Shape & Texture Of Pictek Gaming Mouse

A gamer would understand how a fantastic mouse that perfectly matches your hands can produce the gaming zone paradise. The dimensions of this mouse are right, no matter when you’ve got large or tiny hands, it is going to feel great due to the ordinary size which sits on your grip readily. On the other hand, the cable of the mouse feels and looks somewhat cheap. You aren’t going to receive a braided cable such as other mouses which appear so visually pleasing, it only has a straightforward plain black plastic cable.


If you’re on a budget, then this mouse is going to be a fantastic bargain to purchase. Compare the operation and characteristics of the mouse to others in the sector and you’ll know about how this Pictek Gaming Mouse mouse offers the ideal gaming experience with higher DPI at an excellent price. This way it could match different gaming styles and also the response time suits flawlessly due to the cable attachment. It tries to be ergonomic for many but I guess some like myself might understand the difficulties as soon as they try to acquire a sense for this.


Primarily it’ll fit most hands rather well with it is contoured shape. It is intended to let your hands rest on it and that is a fantastic thing. I feel the side switches (thumb switches ) are placed too far ahead. Then in the event that you would Pictek Gaming Mouse move your hands as if to clutch the mouse, you cannot press another middle mouse button easily without an extremely embarrassing bend at the middle finger (maybe only people with big hands might experience this issue?


And that I find it to be somewhat impractical even though it being a button for use for usefulness especially given consideration it is totally programmable. The fact you need to change your hand’s placement often to be able to utilize this mouse also makes it fairly useless for flicks if you are someone who performs shooters or real-time approaches.

You will not have the ability to become comfy with just one grip and utilize it as you are learning two wrist moves to get exactly the very same results today that you’re using two strategies to grip on your mouse to utilize the extra buttons.

Cable Of Pictek Gaming Mouse

The overall type of Pictek Gaming Mouse is fascinating too. It’s quite small, but it is a back-heavy design, with all the most crucial hump of the mouse into the back. Because of this, it isn’t particularly comfortable to use inside a fingertip-grip fashion. On the contrary, it is best suited to hand traction used by gamers with small palms on.


The back is too slippery to offer you a fantastic purchase for claw grip. As ever, this is dependent on the size of your palms and how you play them, therefore we always suggest seeing whether there’s a way to test a mouse before buying it.

The Pictek Gaming Mouse additionally uses the excellent PixArt PMW3389 optical sensor and comprises 20 million keypress-rated Omron buttons due to the right and left buttons. The sensor’s DPI can be altered between approximately seven different levels by the top button, along with the degrees placed through the Pictek Gaming Mouse program. As we’d expect, the Pictek Gaming Mouse conducted flawlessly regarding tracking and button response — mouse sensors and switches are so good today.

Final Thoughts

It’s a small hassle, but it’s enough to protect against some players from building a great deal of game-specific profiles. Other configuration apps permit you to produce and use as many profiles as you like in your own house PC, so that seems somewhat restricting.

From marketplace seller Finalmouse–but it’s very close, and the lightest pick from a substantial maker. If low weight means increased speed, and increased rate wins matches, then this thing should be the mouse every single competitive player needs. Though its weight is impressive paper.

The question of if the Pictek Gaming Mouse lighting build creates a concrete difference alongside different mice boils down to the individual, to the game, also to a play style. That’s on me, naturally. I’m 33, and my reply timing isn’t exactly what it was. If you would like to understand how great the build quality of the mouse is, then you want to remember the selling rate of the mouse. Apart from its functionality, the build quality is a significant component that makes it among those best-wired gaming mouses.

Nevertheless, it’s important to bear in mind that” faster” simply means” higher” in case your reply times are already large. It provides you all of the precision that you’re searching for in a mouse for a gamer. The large DPI ceiling mouse within this cost range is a superb choice to select for.

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