Redragon M908 Review (Best RGB LED MMO Mouse)

Redragon M908













  • Programmable Buttons
  • 5+ RGB Options
  • DPI up to 12400


  • Doesn’t Grip Well
  • Rigid Cable

Many players are knowledgeable about technical mice targeting Massively Multiplayer Online Redragon M908 (MMO) games, also called MMO mice. Whenever some MMO mice in the marketplace can retail for about $80, the Redragon M908 Effect M908 can be gotten for $36.99 However can this mouse maintain up.

Design Of Redragon M908

The Redragon M908 is a good MMO mouse that’s prepared to go right from the box! Both buttons at the center allow the consumer to easily change between the different saved DPI settings. And ultimately, the button at the bottom of the mouse enables the user to change between saved profiles.


A fantastic feature of the Redragon M908 is using multiple profiles or styles. Modes allow for distinct mouse settings to be saved, which could readily be changed using the mode select button on the bottom of the mouse without even opening the computer software. Various modes can be produced for different applications or games.

I recommend also using an overall use mode for daily use. As an instance, my daily mode includes macros such as browser-back and browser-forward, copy/paste macros, and hunt macros. Customized macros may also be made, and may be used to control apps like Photoshop, and easily change between features and tools.

Features Of Redragon M908

I’ve got two chief profiles for gambling. With this profile, I have got the macro keys place to utilize certain charms on the Hotbar which are a challenging hit on the keyboard (everything from 5 to +). In addition, I have macros Redragon M908 to cycle-friendly goals for healing, and also another button to cycle through enemy goals. Including macros that may be used to get emotes, in-game PTT for group discussion, and weapon toggles. Both profiles have a macro essential for PTT inside Discord.


Each profile may comprise 5 DPI configurations, easily toggled together with the 2 buttons in the middle of this mouse. This is actually fine, as DPI can be readily switched within a match, without altering profiles into a profile that may not be tuned to your particular game being played with. The levels of each DPI setting could be corrected in the program, so shifting the DPI down or up can create fine-tuned alterations, or even more important measures.

The RGB light on the mouse could be configured in various different ways. The mouse can exhibit a good color, can cycle via the RGB spectrum, can blink, be put to a”breathing” style, etc… Since most computer elements are such as RGB lighting, this is sometimes employed to assist the mouse match the present aesthetic of the user’s total setup.


The Redragon M908 Effect is a big, wired mouse that is likely too large to fit in most laptop cases. Its cable is also awkward when attempting to utilize it in a tight space like on a train or plane. Remembering its cost, the M908 Impact comes with the impressive build quality. Normally, the rodents at this cost class feel like the plastic toys that you find available in the supermarket, but that is not the situation. The M908 Effect is coated with a matte finish.


If you’re an MMO enthusiast that uses a palm grip, then you ought to be on the lookout for a mouse that alleviates the sweaty hand’s difficulty. In this aspect, the M908 Effect doesn’t disappoint. It’s among the few mice I’ve analyzed That Doesn’t select as many fingerprints as a number of its competitions vying for extreme elegance

Build quality is quite good. Though the mouse feels very strong with no flex or twist, both sides feel very dimmed. The mouse can be coated in a rough, gritty texture that might not be for everybody. The mouse wheel is really standard. It is not too clicky and contains a soft palate and a silent general scroll.

Quality Of Redragon M908

The very first thing that captured my attention once I took the M908 Effect from this box was that the button grid around the left side. You may literally have all of the character’s abilities and spells at your fingertips. The Redragon M908 Impact includes a lot of programmable buttons. Aside from the mechanical grid, the Redragon M908 Effect also sports the normal left, center, and right buttons along with 3 additional buttons.


The two arrow buttons are situated directly underneath the scroll wheel along with their default setting is commanding the DPI. Alongside the arrow, you’ll come across that a LED bar that allows you to keep tabs on the DPI you’re at. Next into the left mouse button, then you’ll discover a fire secret. Its default setting is snapping three times followed by a brief delay. If you click on it one more time, then the procedure is repeated. It appears this button is intended to provide you an advantage from adrenaline-fueled FPS.

however, if you’re mostly into MMOs you can remap it through the computer software. And here’s a little and important difference which produces the M908 Effect a hundred times greater than the competition. As soon as you construct a fantastic muscle memory, then you’re going to learn just where your thumb is constantly.

RGB backlit

The detector is a bit more off-centered, which could take time to get used to if you have never used a mouse using an off-centered detector. Even though it’s a laser detector, it doesn’t suffer the exact same lift-off issues other laser detectors do. I really don’t observe any leaping when lifting.


For many users, the perfect gaming mouse should give you the chance to fine-tune the burden as you desire. This one is constructed with this particular requirement in your mind. But despite all the weights, this gadget is fairly mild. But to offer you a balanced and symmetric usage, it’s a thumb rest under its own buttons.

Redragon M908 includes software out with this particular mouse at which you are going to have the ability to modify different preferences of the mouse and you will also have the ability to prepare the various macros of this mouse from the program too. You are going to need to visit the official Redragon site for your software download when the mouse does not already include the applications by default, then it would not be a lot of hassle in the event that you ended up needing to do this anyhow.

The program is a really wonderful part of the mouse and it’s sort of rare to find wonderful dedicated applications to decide on a mouse in this inexpensive price stage, Redragon M908 is doing things. Essentially, you’re likely to need to download the application, it’s optional but if you would like the absolute most from your mouse then you are going to need to find the applications somehow some way!

Size & Weight

The computer software allows for each of the buttons on the mouse to be customized click and left buttons. This mouse saved up to five profiles so that you may get into the button customization preferences to the particular game you need to play with. The mouse allows you to program it using any color in the visible spectrum. Additionally, the program permits you to modify the brightness level. If you aren’t fond of blinking, pulsing, and breathing light patterns, then it is possible to just turn the light effects off.


You can’t use the light attributes to the scroll wheel lighting. Nevertheless, you can correct the blinking speed, color, and brightness into the emblem, the 12 thumb switches, in addition to the arrows in the front of the mouse. You could even configure Redragon M908 both the X and Y axes separately or connect them together, it’s totally your decision. The mouse has onboard memory so that you can save your preferences into the mouse and retain them in case you change PCs.

This mouse is quite comfortable to use. There is a little thumb rest on the other hand, which makes it simpler for proper use. Regrettably, its CPI change is somewhat tough to accomplish, but it is unlikely you will want to press this button frequently. In hands traction, little hands will have difficulty reaching the side switches which are put closer to the front of the mouse. The Redragon M908 Effect is broadly encouraged by an MMO mouse, but I couldn’t resist the desire to assess how well it works in genres beyond the MMO. In Guild Wars two, the M908 Effect performed closely.

Shape & Texture Of Redragon M908

As soon as you set a fantastic muscle memory, then the opportunity of misclicks is not non-existent. The buttons are easy to achieve and I didn’t have any difficulties at all with reaching to the quantity row and activating abilities while leaning to the Redragon M908 WASD keys. Back in Skyrim, I managed to map the favorites menu and then change between weapons, charms and yells without creating a pause.


It was so fascinating to see my hero swapping spells in the blink of an eye. Frankly, I really don’t understand how I’ve played with Skyrim with no side buttons of this wise M908 Effect up to now. Redragon M908 In shooters, you will need a lightweight mouse, therefore, it’s possible to just take the further weights off. I’m not certain what is the precise weight of this mouse, however, I guarantee you it’s super lightweight.

As stated before, the mouse features a fire button, and it is a wonderful addition for shooters however I must admit I didn’t use it. It simply does not feel appropriate to cheat and use mechanical help once you’re able to accomplish something by yourself. In Diablo, I shifted the wheel configurations through the program and also spammed my primary/secondary charms for the Crusader and Monk I played.


If you have larger hands, you might end up hitting the wrong button and dismissing a vital cooldown for an inappropriate moment, for instance. However, when you become accustomed to the M908 Impact design, you may observe that it works admirably. The clicking and motion are beyond amazing. With this mouse using a Pixar pmw3327, I didn’t face any issues at all with any cutouts or enter lag.


I tried switching between DPI’s very fast, and the mouse did not appear to lag in any way. At greater DPIs, I didn’t face any issues in any way. The detector functionality is remarkable. It’s a rather broad CPI range, and its own polling rate could be put into 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, or 1000Hz. The CPI mistake is extremely low and it is among the most consistent detectors that we have tested so far, which is remarkable.

The Redragon M908 Effect is a gaming mouse that owns all attributes an MMO warrior will require. It’s not only flexible but also comfortable and convenient for extended gaming sessions. Despite being designed mostly with MMO gamers in your mind, it does a superb job in fast-paced first-person shooters and aggressive MOBAs.

Cable Of Redragon M908

So far as the standard of life attributes are involved, the mouse sports durable Omron switches, Teflon ft, a cordless cable, and a weight pruning system. I really like this mouse includes 12 thumb Redragon M908 buttons. There are many ways that these can be utilized. The 8 weights which include the mouse really have a wonderful quantity of fat to them creating each one that contributes nicely to the weight of their mouse.


The mouse and the program are simple to establish and I really like the color-changing lights. The Lights are customizable from the applications which you may download, in addition to the various settings you can customize for different sorts of games and the way you play them. Concerning thumb button use, front buttons are simple to press since they’re in the normal resting place of the thumb.

I suggest mapping these switches to activities you want to use regularly. I really do travel occasionally and it’s nice to know my mouse travels safely together with me. The golden plated tips about the USB connector are an extra piece of worth.

The rear buttons are tough to achieve and hard to press. I suggest mapping these switches to actions or profiles you do not intend to use regularly for the sake of your thumb and wrist. Regrettably, its form and size are best made for hands-on or claw traction for those who have moderate or massive hands. Drivers for Redragon M908 products Hunt for motorists Select product group Gaming mice Keyboards Gaming cans Gaming mouse pads Gamepads Portable Rival Gaming Chairs Gaming places Gaming loading Irons 2.0 Speaker systems.

Final Thoughts

The Redragon M908 Effect Elite is extremely affordable at $49.99, nonetheless provides a slew of features. Redragon M913 effect Elite Review: Organizing the Mark – Tom’s Hardware Today’s greatest Redragon M913 Effect Elite deals Using lots of additional buttons for simple access to skills along with macros, MMO mice are particularly intended to be multipurpose tools.

You may be astounded by the unmatched comfort, mortal precision, and killer accuracy of our lasting, desktop computer and notebook professional gaming mouse! 16.8 Million RGB backlights using 18 versions won’t ever fail you when you want a fancy and trendy vibe to perform or work. The application of this M913 works nicely, and is light on resources, also.

The Redragon M908 is a rather oddly shaped mouse that is quite bulky and not so long. Simply plugging it and playing it, it felt just like the Redragon M908 Impact will be a helpful gaming mouse. The Redragon M908 effect Elite M913 is a gaming mouse that includes a dozen distinct programmable keys to earn mouse and gaming use compact.

Problems ensued. You can program macros on the mouse using the applications but the program is difficult to use. It is just 1 zone and maybe customized from the computer software. HIGH-END DESIGN. To begin with, the applications for this mouse is not accessible in the Redragon.

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