Redragon M801 Review (Best Mammoth Wired Gaming Mouse)

Redragon M801













  • Long battery life
  • Extreme accuracy
  • HERO 16K sensor


  • Ambidextrous design can lead to discomfort

Redragon has existed in the USA since 1996, building products for different brands. In more recent decades, this business has made a decision to forgo using a middleman from the attempt to offer the Redragon M801 experience right to the customer. This usually means that the company turned from exploring and generating components for different businesses to producing high-quality gambling peripherals for both non and nonspecialist players alike.

Design Of Redragon M801

That having been said, the Enormous comes off as an inexpensive gaming mouse, and judging by the very low cost, we really can not blame the consumer for leaping to conclusions. This cost range is generally earmarked for regular office mice or other related elements; locating a fantastic gaming mouse because of this cost was next to impossible, until Redragon M801 stepped to the scene.


Adequate gaming mice are anticipated to provide specific features that set them aside from your work-oriented counterparts, for example, color customization capabilities, adjustable sensitivity settings, etc. Redragon M801 was able to match these components (and many more) into cheap products which would cost two, or maybe 3 times as much, was it generated by another corporation.

But we have rambled enough about the cost already; I understand what you are thinking:”How can this mouse stand against mice out of greater cost ranges?” And we will get to this. But first, let us briefly elaborate on the standards we took into account when establishing our Redragon M801 Mammoth review.

Features Of Redragon M801

Redragon M801 is the gambling brand of Eastern Times Technology Co., Ltd., which will be headquartered in China and has been launched in 1996. The detector would be that the PAW3335, PixArt’s flagship version particularly for wireless software and capable of around 16,000 CPI–this time around, Redragon M801 decided to perform without CPI-doubling interpolation.


Redragon M801 maintains a battery life of up to 45 hours at”eco mode,” which disables a number of the light. Speaking of that, the M686 Vampire Elite is accompanied by an extensive collection of RGB lighting, which may be configured farther to one’s liking from the program, together with button rebinding, macro editing, and much more.

As is expected from reviewers for example ourselves we can not base our articles solely on private opinions, lest we run the danger of rendering our job irrelevant to the reader. In that way, we've defined a set of criteria to be used when reviewing peripherals like this one.

Performance Of Redragon M801

In a nutshell, overall purpose gaming mice such as the M801 are anticipated to provide a few elements, like such as those we mentioned previously: color personalization, flexible sensitivity, along with others like general health, weight adjustment choices, a sum of additional buttons, and design aesthetics.


The peripheral is entirely made from plastic that, generally, could be considered a flimsy construction. From the Mammoth's instance, the plastic can be covered with a demanding coating which provides additional traction and ruggedness.

The micro-switches utilized by Redragon to the primary buttons are a little flimsy; in rare situations, the mouse could enroll clicks once I was distractedly slipping my hands on the buttons. Additional every click is fulfilled with a dull noise, rather than the crisp clicking noises which are generally seen in other mice.

The plan of the mouse is standard; should you have a look at the rest of the mice out of Redragon M801, you'll see there's a frequent element concerning ergonomics; they share a similar form. This is not to mention that the item is uneasy, as it isn't. The layout itself is quite ergonomic, with finger rests on either side; to your thumb and to the ring and pinky fingers.


Though comfy, this design option contributes to a single quite bothersome drawback; the rests on each side of the mouse promote hand traction. Gamers who favor holding the mouse in various ways might experience problems getting accustomed to the M801 Mammoth.


For extra customization and comfort, the M801's weight could be corrected with an 8-piece weight burning system. By attaching up to 8 weights into a holster that fits into the base compartment of your mouse, then you can remove or add weight, in addition, to alter the middle of the mass of their mouse. This feature is excellent for players who enjoy their peripherals to sense weighty so that it could slide easily on the monitoring surface.

Final Thoughts

Despite all of the additional attributes a gaming mouse could provide, they're all immaterial if the peripheral itself has inferior tracking power, leading to imprecise and jerky cursor moves. The technology specialists at Redragon M801 know that, and therefore, they equip their mice with a number of the greatest sensors currently on the market.

The Mammoth includes a laser detector that may monitor with fantastic accuracy on most surfaces. The sensitivity of this detector can be corrected at around 16,400 CPI that, admittedly, is considerably greater than you will ever need. But nonetheless, it's wonderful to have a mouse that may climb up to all those ridiculous levels of sensitivity.

The LEDs, and many elements of this mouse's inner workings, may be customized through Redragon M801 software that, surprisingly, is really more intuitive compared to other firms' applications.

I understand that, throughout the course of the review, we have been rambling non-stop concerning the purchase price of this peripheral. If you are out there for a fantastic gaming mouse however are operating on a small budget, then make certain to provide Redragon's catalog a look; you could just find what you're looking for and save a couple of bucks in the procedure.

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