Redragon M711 Cobra Review (Best Gaming Mouse)

Redragon M711 Cobra













  • High customization
  • Comfortable to use
  • Color-accurate RGB lighting


  • Might be too small for some users
  • The software can be difficult to understand

Redragon M711 Cobra costs less than $20 in certain online marketplaces. When compared with the many other gambling mice which are more expensive than $60, you need to agree that this one is a steal. Largely, we feel that getting the words quality and cheap in precisely the exact same sentence is oxymoronic. Well, that may be true also because oftentimes, the very best price the greatest.

Design Of Redragon M711 Cobra

However, as you may see the Redragon M711 Cobra, packs quite a variety of notable features. It suffices to state that this mouse will provide you everything, or nearly everything the more expensive gaming mice will. The Redragon M711 Cobra Cobra appears great, with nice curves and pleasant light.


All players know it is far better to find a mouse that’s large in size since it doesn’t cramp the wrists. This mouse was cased in plastic, which can be light in weight. It is possible to hold the mouse in various fashions like hand or claw, as will suit you.

The cover of the mouse appears as though it was sand-blasted. The matte finish is very trendy, but this will begin wearing away with use. With time, it is going to begin becoming all smooth, glossy, and bald particularly in the event that you use the mouse daily. They slide so easily. This isn’t an ambidextrous mouse. We wish it had been, but the producer didn’t want it to be.

We can simply be satisfied with its great looks, and another capability. All things considered, the experts are greater than the disadvantages and that’s the reason you need to buy it with no hesitation.

Features Of Redragon M711 Cobra

The optical detector is a high excellent addition to this particular mouse. It may not be the ideal one from the gambling business, but it definitely does the job and does it really well. Besides, using a guarantee of 3 weeks, you need to be able to check the Redragon M711 Cobra mouse completely and determine if it’s what you actually require.


They aren’t too loud, but they have that click that each gamer loves to listen to. The buttons are rather responsive also, and they do their job each time. Something else which you will enjoy about this mouse is that the large polling rate configurations. This usually means that the mouse reports its location into the pc 1000 times each second. But, you can try lower preferences if you would like.

This usually means that you have about five decades of use with no switches giving up. You’ll be glad the Redragon M711 Cobra comes with an onboard memory that can store game configurations that you could use on various computers. You don’t have to set up the applications whenever you change computers between shutdowns.


There’s absolutely no delay in the operation of the mouse. Just click on a button and the mouse reacts instantly. You may love such responsiveness and coordination whenever you’re shooting weapons at an enemy. As a result of this strong software which we’ll talk in the upcoming segment, most, if not all of the features of this mouse Redragon M711 Cobra could be retrieved in the buttons.


Big and comfortable in the hand, made ergonomically to mimic the form of the hands, nicely, they don’t come any better than that. You are able to play the game on this mouse along your wrist won’t feel cramped in any way. Due to this TEFLON ft, this mouse is rather simple to maneuver about, and it never snags. In case you’ve got big hands, bravo for you personally, this is the type of gambling mouse.

Due to the size of this mouse, it may be held palm-style or even claw-style. With little or large palms, this mouse will fit you fine. Just expect a pleasant and comfy grasp, though one button on the side may be somewhat inaccessible in case you’ve got short fingers. The sides are designed with textured grips made from rubber. These provide the mouse a supplementary grip, which means you don’t run the danger of getting it slides out in the delight of your match.

Quality Of Redragon M711 Cobra

Most enthusiastic players mostly are concerned about mouse buttons, plus they have a fantastic reason behind it. When the buttons work out, there’s absolutely no need to substitute them. Therefore, rather than worrying too much about the detector, which will persist for quite a while, it’s much better to be worried about ways to have premium quality buttons.


Both regular buttons — both the left and right-click ones are very responsive with very little resistance. The side buttons are both great, or even better. They react immediately, with very little strain that prevents them from responding to all or any casual clicks. button raises the DPI settings from the setup phases while another one enhances the resolution. There’s a third option button for RGB. You may use it to choose your mild style of selection.

You might not ever get to utilize the max, but who knows? You might find a screen with a greater resolution. With 7 programmable buttons which you could assign any function which you desire, the Redragon M711 Cobra mouse needs to serve your gambling needs rather well. Two buttons are from the scroll wheel, so it’s clickable.

RGB backlit

To begin with, you will, or might not receive the disk using the applications when this mouse has been sent to you. Don’t worry, however, since you might not even require the software if you like a mouse. You only have to download it easily in the company’s site, no registration needed.


It includes preset DPI settings which are going to be great enough to perform 1440P and 1080P displays. If you’re using a screen with a larger resolution than this, you’ll need to set up the program. You may then place specific buttons to perform particular purposes. The program also lets you personalize the scroll wheel and then assign it a purpose.

The Redragon M711 Cobra employs the favorite”shooter” design mouse layout. It is pretty slender (5 x 2.6 inches) and very brief (1.6 inches), therefore anybody who favors bigger mice may find it embarrassing to use. The Redragon M711 Cobra mouse includes a curved, soft-feeling top that is wonderful to the touchscreen. The bottom region of the mouse is chiefly made from smooth, tough plastic with slightly darker sides, which adds some traction to the mouse along with a superior feel you would not expect at that price point.


A complete and superior mouse is crucial for those seeking to get into competitive gaming situations today and perform well. But an excellent mouse usually leads to steep rates. Have a look at the review of the mouse with performance evaluations and cost references.


It’s its principal color in black, completely built-in abs vinyl; it does not have any rubberized part. Additionally, it has rather magnificent programmable RGBs, in around 16.8 million colors. In the event you don’t enjoy something quite brassy, the RGBs of the mouse could be turned off through software.

It might be a little mouse for a few, based on how big your hand. Nevertheless, it’s still comfy for all sorts of grips. This attribute is really essential if you use the mouse for quite a very long time, and it can wind up slipping from the hand when there were not no such grips.

I can certainly say that this mouse matches large hands, my hands are comparatively big, and even so, I couldn’t observe any issues during usage. It’s necessary to be aware that this mouse, even though it looks rather an ambidextrous mouse, it’s not, being appropriate just for right-handed.

Components Of Redragon M711 Cobra

From the tests below, we’ll see more about this detector. In any case, that the Redragon M711 Cobra comes with a flexible DPI out of 100 to 10000, permitting you a diversity of usage. Whether for gambling or regular tasks. Using its Omron switches, this mouse features comparatively low sound, not bothering considerably through usage. Additionally, it includes 7 programable buttons through applications, 2 of these on the left area of the mouse on the top beneath the scroll, and also the 3 most common ones.


The Redragon M711 Cobra is an impressively inexpensive mouse in contrast to the functionality delivered. This Redragon M711 Cobra is quite versatile, advocated for both those searching for something for aggressive matches as for people who are searching for something to use every day with comfort and quality. The kind of grip advocated could be fingertip and pay because the claw of an individual can be a bit uncomfortable in line with how big your hand.

Founded at 7.2 oz, the Redragon M711 Cobra isn’t hard to maneuver around and perfect for games that require rapid moves. Because cords are not typically replaceable, an added high-quality one gives some reassurance. The leading thumb button is created from the exact same substance at the cap of the mouse whereas the rear thumb button is constructed from textured plastic. This assists with identifying which button you are pressing without needing to appear down.

Adequate sensor


Three plastic buttons at the cover of the mouse have been used for shifting between light and DPI profiles. The scroll wheel has a rubberized finish onto it and also scrolls in increments, which makes it difficult to scroll farther than intended–excellent for matches with hot bars. As mentioned before, the Redragon M711 Cobra has lots of added features you may fine-tune the Redragon M711 Cobra website. Truly, any sort of programming application is a luxury at the price point, so one as comprehensive as it is particularly appreciated.

Final Thoughts

The program allows for a complete reprogramming of every button on the mouse to perform a broad variety of tasks. Whether you desire the scroll wheel to serve as a pause/play shortcut or the thumb button to do a fine-tuned macro, then you are in a position to earn those changes. You could also completely restrain the DPI with a range of around 10,000, which, honestly, is too large for many people, but the choice is fine no matter.

The Redragon M711 Cobra has complete RGB light you’ll be able to personalize too, but it is restricted. Just three of seven accessible light effects give you complete control of the colors. Any effects which have multiple colors can’t be changed in any way, which may be frustrating in the event that you would like to use them but are not a lover of the conventional rainbow layout.

With its abundant customization choices and comfortable layout, the Redragon M711 Cobra feels just like a mouse worth greater than $20. I could confidently say it is the very best budget gambling accessory I have ever employed.

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