LG HU80KA Review ( Best 4K DLP Projector)














  • 4K resolution
  • Smart TV enabled
  • Up to 150" screen Size


  • Very expensive

The innovative design of this LG HU80KA is that the farther you pull back in the wall, so your bigger the display becomes. Obviously, it is possible to adjust your resolution settings up and back to accommodate different display projector’s dimensions, however, the native resolution of this LG HU80KA is 3840 x 2160.

Design Of LG HU80KA

For all their advantages, among the largest challenges of running a projector would be just getting it all set up. Depending on the total amount of vertical and horizontal adjustment accessible to the unit, you might require a near-perfect installation to get the best performance from a mounted projector.


And in the age of wireless streaming articles, alone, having to conduct a lot of cables can be a high projector cost to pay. Particularly in the event that you get a projector that lacks lots of the vital attributes that have come to define modern smart TVs.

However, what if you did not need to go through all of the hassles of a mounted installation Imagine if you can use a projector and wirelessly stream all of your favorite shows? That is the kind of ease of use that gets people to make the change from horizontal display panels.

Since the very first of its kind, it’s a bit to provide. However, in addition, it can be somewhat tough to compare to other video gear. Even though it can be hung or horizontally oriented just like an ordinary projector, the LG HU80KA is really most at-home whilst sitting on the floor. It employs an upright construct, giving a small outwards indication it is a projector in any way. Just after powering up, can you truly see exactly what you are dealing with?

Video Quality Of LG HU80KA

Just like a hanging projector, its comparatively modest size permits the LG HU80KA to get basically zero room existence while powered down. Carrying handles are integrated into device into the cap of the device for incredibly simple transportation. Along with the easy-to-take form factor is only the beginning because of its portability, since the LG HU80KA weighs just 15 pounds. For moving from 1 place to another, or storing the HU80KA involving usage, the grips fast come in handy.


High portability pays quickly every time you utilize the LG HU80KA. Within the bottom of the unit, the essential power cord pulls from the bottom of the human body. Once you are done using it, the cable may be easily retracted back into the body of this HU80KA. Examining the exterior of this HU80KA, among the first things you’ll see is that the speaker ports along both sides of the gadget.

LG packed this projector with double 7-watt speakers. When the sound gear is packed alongside video gear, among those two is generally not so impressive. Just look at the typical speakers built into the back part of a pc screen. An $800 screen can seem terrible because the good sound is not exactly what the screen is trying to perform.

Performance Of LG HU80KA

But they are definitely far better than anything you would ordinarily see packed with a projector or TV. Part of the reason is that slightly above average wattage, and a part of the reason involves the physical construct of this LG HU80KA itself. The resulting sound can comfortably fill out a huge room with rich audio. For whatever it is worth, this might be the greatest sounding projector anywhere close to this price range.


Relative to the kinds of bulbs generally used with projectors, lasers might help enhance among the most frequently known flaws of projectors: a feeble black comparison. The laser also offers a pretty bright 2,500 lumens. The resulting laser-produced graphics have excellent spectral highlights, and function far better in more subdued lighting conditions compared to normal projectors.

That is about five times more than projector bulbs operate ordinary settings. It is possible to become even more lifespan in case you are not using the cleverest mode. Irrespective of the brightness style you choose, you will notice an incredibly superior uniformity of the brightness in the image. On the broader angles of this zoom, the uniformity of brightness is high.

UHD / HDR Content

As you may anticipate, LG HU80KA supports color temperature settings that could be selected independently, and operate via preset modes. Those preset include natural trendy, warm, moderate. And each may be calibrated to your own tastes. That is no doubt associated with this 150,000:1 contrast ratio you will notice posted on the box


The LG HU80KA’s distance is about average for a worldwide TV remote. It is constructed to help pay for control over everything you may want to correct, which means a number of buttons mess up its surface. Luckily, the channel and volume buttons have been expanded, and the press buttons have been color-coded and placed at the bottom of the distance so they are simple to find. The numerical key part portion of the distance adds more clutter than lots of folks may enjoy, but it is vital for entering channel numbers.

The LG HU80KA relies on a wise TV platform, making it simple to begin streaming Netflix, YouTube, and comparable websites. You simply want the onboard power cable, which pulls out and retracts for simple transportation. Though you probably will not devote much time in contact with this projector, the analog buttons are easy and well tagged. Together with the bottoms of this CineBeam projector, you will find an HDMI ARC interface, USB interface, 3.5millimeter antenna jack, 3.5millimeter headset jack, optical digital audio out, along with an Ethernet jack.

Full HD / SDR / 3D Content

Individuals that are considering using the LG HU80KA for gaming are going to want to draw their focus on its input. A number of those HU80KA’s imaging features, such as True Motion, may be disabled to assist minimize input signal. With the perfect settings disabled, then input lag drops towards 71ms.


Another thing to notice is the way the LG HU80KA has many different energy-saving choices. Even in its own loudest manner of performance, the HU80KA rarely approaches 30dB, which you might need to set your ear near the projector to hear. That noise can be decreased further towards 23dB or less you input another energy settings.

The HU80KA utilizes a 1.2x zoom, which provides a few constraints. It is not a short-throw projector. For optimum screen dimensions, the HU80KA has to be put about precisely the exact same space as the seating area. Visually speaking, the ideal place is between chairs or immediately behind them. If you are playing a competitive match and instant reactivity is essential, then the kind of minor input lag could be grating. However, for each other sort of sport, the LG HU80KA functions tremendously.

Color Coverage Of LG HU80KA

Due to the close proximity to the seating area, you are going to be tempted to put this LG CineBeam projector marginally in front of your chairs. That would make it possible for a normally better sound experience compared to having the noise generated by your side or behind you. If you put the projector only in front of the seating, you are going to need to sit further from the display than a lot of men and women find preferable.


That may be frustrating for men and women that are intent on not using some other independent audio gear together with the LG HU80KA, but it should not disturb those who intended on pairing their projector using sound gear anyhow. Bluetooth connectivity means that you may send audio from the LG HU80KA wirelessly, which can be everything you want anyway.

Another positive thing to notice is that the 250W intake is less than mid-size boosters, chiefly on account of the laser layout. That ingestion drops further with the assistance of three energy manners, together with the other modes causing a 28 percent and 52% decrease in lumen output. Though the HU80KA has every modern feature to make sure it will nonetheless be an extremely important device in ten decades. While LG will not pay for this projector for a long time, the included 1-year guarantee is a fantastic beginning.

Installation Of LG HU80KA

It is laser-based layout does well in areas in which projectors typically underperform. Its floor-based configuration makes it effortless to establish projector walls, ceilings, anyplace. This makes it a fantastic option for men and women that do not need to survive the installation and alignment of an ordinary projector.


t is difficult to speak about attributes that the LG HU80KA might lack since there’s nothing else like this. For an instant in time, LG doesn’t have true competitors due to their HU80KA. But there are a number of things to note that are not present. However, in the event that you’re able to forgive those constraints, then the HU80KA can do anything else.

Each of its subtle details is right, out of its low-sound performance to the caliber of its onboard sound. For those that want modern attributes like 4K resolution and HDR graphics, the LGHU80KA is a fantastic option. And for those that want a projector that is as simple to set up as placing it in space, the LG HU80KA is a good call.

Picture Quality

The last few decades have seen a rapid increase in the amount of high-quality and affordable projectors accessible for clients. That is an exciting fashion, as it usually means that those looking to invest in a projector to get their home theater or workplace boardroom no more need to spend a small chance to reap the advantages of contemporary audio-visual technology.


With this being said, this rapid increase in cheap projector alternatives has resulted in a subtle issue through the industry: Great projectors are starting to be accessible to everyone, but nearly every reasonably priced projector available now feels like a cookie-cutter device with just minor adjustments or improvements.

Consider a number of the projectors we have previously reviewed on this website. Every one of those choices is excellent in their own distinct manner, but a number of these feel like a revolutionary device, both in regard to form-factor and attributes. After all, even if you are going to be spending your hard-won money on a brand new projector, should not it be in a position to blow you away each time you use it?

Brightness Of LG HU80KA

Certainly, this offering by LG is among the very original and breathtaking 4K projectors to hit the industry up to now. In a nutshell, there simply is not anything else like this available at the moment. In reality, when we’re being honest with ourselves, then it does not even seem like a projector once you take it from the box, but as soon as you get it set up, it is going to supply you with some of the very gorgeous images that you have ever seen.


We feel that the LG HU80KA projector will probably be an exceptional option for anybody looking to get the absolute most from the home theater experience, because the innovative quality supplied by this gadget is not easy to beat, particularly at its relatively inexpensive price point. As one of the very exciting moments that we have ever had the pleasure to review, we actually do feel this might be an ideal projector for the present home or office installation.

With this being said, we know a projector as groundbreaking as this may not be the ideal alternative for each our subscribers. By way of instance, in order to fully appreciate the LG HU80KA projector, then you have to have a big enough room that’ll match its 150-inch screen dimensions.

Black Levels / Contrast

Keep in mind this means you will need at least ten feet of space between the surface and projector to which it’s projecting in order to get the maximum from their LG HU80KA’s functionality. On the flip side, for those who do a little traveling with your projector, if it be for pleasure or work, we bet that you’ll be delighted to hear that this device has been designed with portability in mind. The LG HU80KA’s slick housing isn’t only attractive but more importantly extremely mobile.


Furthermore, this projector can be installed in many different configurations, ranging from standing around the ground to ceiling-mounted. This usually means that the LG HU80KA can readily be integrated into your existing installation, assuming you have sufficient space between the projector and its tremendous screen dimensions.

All in all, the LG HU80KA projector is a fantastic solution for people that are willing to devote just a bit of additional cash in exchange for the chance to utilize one of their most innovative home theater devices available now. In case you’ve got sufficient space for this, the LG HU80KA simply could be the projector of your dreams.

4K capacity Of LG HU80KA

Since the LG HU80KA marks the organization’s entrance into the crowded projector marketplace, we anticipated this unit to get some fantastic capabilities. The group at LG certainly didn’t disappoint us in this regard, since this projector boasts among the very best feature combinations that we’ve ever seen on this type of gadget. However, we all know that no unit is ideal, and this holds particularly true for projectors.


With this fact in mind, we ought to ensure our subscribers walk away from this review with a solid understanding of the advantages and disadvantages related to this exceptional projector. Therefore, let us take a minute to highlight a few of the advantages and possible drawbacks connected with the LG HU80KA projector.

This might seem to be an exaggeration to a few of our subscribers, but think about this: Even when a business had the time and cash in the world to come up with the world’s best projector, then they probably would not be in a position to do this at a cost that customers could easily afford. This usually means that there’ll always be some tradeoffs that customers need to come to terms with when shopping for almost any device, irrespective of whether is it a projector.


Considering this fact, our main objective is to make certain you get a solid understanding of the tradeoffs which may happen to be created when developing the LG HU80KA projector. Though the tradeoffs we could find are not significant deal breakers, it’s still great that you understand what you’re getting into, particularly when one thinks only dwelling a lot of an investment that a 4K projector could be for a number of our readers. Without further delay, let us start off on a positive note and detail a few of the Excellent advantages provided by this apparatus

For all those readers who may not be totally happy with all the LG HU80KA projector, then you will find a few other powerful options on the market. Unfortunately, these options do not boast the very same characteristics or specifications as the LG HU80KA projector, but that normally means they may be obtained at a relatively low cost.

Starting off, our initial suggestion instead of this LG HU80KA projector would be your Optoma UHD51A 4K UHD Smart Home Theatre Projector. This is an excellent device that we’ve really reviewed previously, therefore we advise you to check out this article for a comprehensive summary of the fantastic projector. ViewSonic is well renowned for their high quality 4K projectors that take quite reasonable price tags, particularly when one considers the fantastic characteristics which can be found with these projectors.

If you think of LG, you likely think about OLED and LCD TVs, but the firm has dipped in projectors for quite a couple of decades too. In CES 2020, it’s most recent offering in this product class is your LG HU80KA 4K/UHD projector. LG HU80KA. Love a superior theater experience in almost any room of your house with the HU80KA 4K UHD projector. This user-friendly laser projector provides vivid, detailed 4K image quality as well as some 150″ cinematic screen.

I am not certain, but does exactly the HU80KA let turning HDR on/off about the HDMI interfaces? My LG OLED defaults to HDR away too many vents so needed to flip on in the settings. In addition, if your HDMI cable can’t support high speed or the cable span is too long for the cable you’re using, you might not have the ability to perform get increased color space.

One of the pleasant things that I enjoy about the HU80KA is that the consumer can perform an upgrade. There are lots of faux-K DLP projectors which need to be sent back to perform upgrades (Optoma, Vivitek, Acer). Recent info could list the HU80KA as MD05909676 and also tagged as the initial CineBeam projector in LG’s recently branded lineup.

The LG HU80KA Studio is just one interesting home entertainment and home theater projector — but more house entertainment — and that is true on many levels. Consider: In its $2,999 set cost, it’s the cheapest 4K compatible projector using HDR and a laser lighting engine that’s now shipping (Sept 2020). Shop Costco’s Seattle, WA place for electronic equipment, grocery store, small appliances, and much more. Find quality Merchandise products at warehouse rates. Following that, you have got to begin running cables from the ceiling! It’s easy to see why it is not unusual that people pay professionals to set up their equipment for them.

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