Logitech G332 Review ( Best Gaming Headset)

Logitech G332













  • Decently comfortable to wear, solid sound quality


  • Short cable, mic and cable aren't detachable

This Logitech G332 headset is very comfortable to wear for marathon gaming sessions, has strong noise and mic quality, and is convenient and user-friendly, all for among the cheapest prices we’ve seen up to now. But, it is not really the best bet we’ve observed when buying a limited budget.

since there are one or two other products that cost only a tiny bit less and perform in the same. The G332 remains a superb value and is our best recommendation for a budget but if it had been only a tiny bit less costly, so definitely worth keeping an eye on if there’s a major sale coming.

Design Of Logitech G332

Our board of judges really believed the Logitech G332 is easily the comfiest to wear of the trio but it can not match the mic and sound quality of the Sennheiser. We believed the microphone quality of the Cloud Stinger was only a tiny bit better compared to Logitech G332 also it was a bit more suitable to use. The Stinger also prices only somewhat less, which makes it our first selection for anybody on a limited budget, together with all the G332 being a close second.


In our search to locate a gaming headset that topped all of them, we broadly researched this area of merchandise, then purchased all of the top contenders to check out head-to-head. We rated and scored the Logitech G332 in lots of different evaluations and tests, divided into four weighted score metrics, using its complete results summarized below.

The most crucial of the different rating classes, the comfort level of every gaming headset is liable for 40 percent of its total score. To speed and score every item, we’d a varied panel of evaluators wear every headphone for a substantial time period, noting the way the headband and ear cups match, in addition to determining how many hours that they can comfortably wear every headset.

Features Of Logitech G332

The Logitech G332 is sized at the center, which makes it a fantastic match for anybody using a moderate-sized head. All our judges were fine wearing this headset for lengthy amounts of time — were handsome wearing it for a complete workday and each one did not have any difficulties wearing it for at least four hours.


After relaxation, we proceeded on to assessing and awarding points depending on the audio quality of every headset. With this metric, we contrasted how simple it’s to recognize the source of in-game sounds, how other gamers’ voices along with the sport soundtrack appeared, and how nicely the headset blocked out external sounds. Additionally, we rated the functionality of every product in a string of audio benchmarking evaluations.

The Logitech G332 is really strong at keying you to the path of a sound in a match but there was the occasional example where we’d be disoriented and not able to spot the origin of the sounds. Other players’ voices seem fine but do not encounter as much depth as they could face. The sound sounds somewhat empty and echoey, very similar to if they had been speaking in an empty area. This headset includes a closed-back, which assists in reducing desktop — such as a buff or TV — roughly 15-20%.


The mid and treble are a lot strong however, the bass is a little sidelined and about the poorer side. It had lots of parasitic buzz and also did waver a little once the pitch changed up in the motorist fitting evaluation. Comprising 20 percent of the final score, the set of evaluations that compose our mic quality metric would be our next most significant. To do so, we’d other gamers rate the audio quality and tone of the voice as picked up from the G332.


Our voices came across nicely to other players with all the G332 however they did remark that there was a small quantity of fuzziness and our general tone seemed somewhat muddier in contrast to this crystal-clear pickup of their superior versions. We did not get a lot of opinions and it did not discriminate”t” or”so” sounds much in any way.

This headset will do a fantastic job of filtering out external sounds like a mechanical computer keyboard or desktop music but does are inclined to pick up any unwanted conversations occurring in precisely the exact same area as you when they’re 10-15′ from you.

Quality Of Logitech G332

If it comes to gaming gear, it appears to us that we might need to devote a great deal of cash to it. The wide variety of inexpensive accessories for gamers is principal as a result of terrible or moderate quality. It’s simple to discover very pricey headsets in Logitech offers, but now we are referring to inspection the Logitech G332, a corded gaming headset that may be gotten for significantly less than 35.99$.


When we speak about budget cans, it is often tough to discover any comprehensive info regarding the model. Nonetheless, in the Logitech G332 facet, the producer has released all of the basic details on their site. The one thing I’d love to include is that the mic can be switched off by lifting it (I enjoyed this attribute ( such as the Sennheiser cans, four times more costly ).

It’s not tough to imagine that at this price tag which you shouldn’t expect lots and wonders of accessories. We are going to discover the Logitech G332 at a black cardboard box, using a trendy manufacturer-standard cover.

Additionally, there’s an adapter that will take 1 slot linking the mike and gadget, two individual sticks — the very first choice will be valued by owners of laptops and consoles, and the next will probably be crucial for owners of desktop PCs or audio cards.

RGB backlit

The Logitech G332 deserves only praise here. The combo of crimson accents with silver and black at the logos seems terrific. The sharp angles that provide the ears a pentagon-like contour aren’t so innovative, but surely appealing. The mic is flexible and flat, it may be tilted and mended either towards your head or from it.


My Logitech G332 cans have dropped to the ground many times during testing and there’s absolutely no indication of abuse. It should also be noted that the ears may also be rotated up and down and right and left.

Moving away in the head region, I want to look closely at the cables for an instant. They did not provide me some problems, but they do not inspire much confidence since the cable is lean and the sticks are extremely filigree. I was also favorably surprised with the substance used to generate the ear cushions.

It’s comparable to the epidermis, fits well to the mind, and also the sponge, the internal filler, is very elastic. On warm summer days, my ears did not heat or sweat up.


The Logitech G332 is just about the very first budget gaming headset I have tested and used daily for more than two months. This is an excellent indication — you get used to it straight away. Even though it works nicely and seems strong, I do not think that it’s necessary for anyway. It’s in the third spot for me personally if I fix the quantity (system volume controller + audio card + cans ).


A fantastic word I wish to mention about a mike. The standard of implementation and recorded audio without complaints, in addition to the mechanism which automatically mutes the mic when it’s tilted. Obviously, the mic is very good for speaking in matches, all of my teammates instantly knew what I told them.

And what about relaxation? I am very, very surprised since I feel that the Logitech G322 is among the very comfy gaming headsets I have ever come in contact with (given the cost ). They most likely don’t offer you any exclusive adventures such as Alcantara gadgets, however, they sit safely and do not press.

The ear cubes, regardless of their shallow profile, have sufficient space, the strain is discreet throughout the elevation, and also the headband adjustment permits you to delicately put the cans even on a huge head. Together with the lightweight, we now receive a quite large degree of comfort.

Components Of Logitech G332

The Logitech G332 seems right, which can be an edge for gambling headphones from this section. Sound features — marginally pronounced high and mid frequencies with slightly muted bottoms. I’d describe the noise as universal — audiophiles will likely describe it as tender or casual.

Considering that the model course, it’ll be better than many competitors with bass. Even though the Logitech G332 does seem somewhat dull, it is fine — we might have the ability to capture the best details, but everybody else is replicated, rather than full of artificial effects, magnificent bass, or large bursts.


The Logitech G332 is gambling gear, therefore it is well worth mentioning this aspect too. The version won’t deliver superb emotions in matches, since the bass is somewhat level and in a way deaf. However, so far as positioning is concerned, it works nicely and though there are better deals on the current market, definitely most competitions make it even worse.

Returning to the lack of further feelings, I’d say we get a small flesher scene as the separation of person noises here isn’t at a high degree. The spectacle is narrow, and also in the event of several audio sources, it’s tight. But when I consider the expense of this device, I will say with a transparent conscience the Logitech G332 still warrants recommendations.

Final Thoughts

All these Logitech gaming headphones do not stand out in any manner, even though the high usability is a must-have attribute. On the flip side, we must hardly point out a number of their shortcomings as crucial, given the cost. If you’re searching for gaming cans around 5,000 lbs, make sure you have a look at this version.

The Logitech G332 is a much less expensive device. And I have to acknowledge that my experience following the evaluations is surprisingly excellent. The plan is reasonably gambling however without LEDs.

On the 1 hand, we’ve got average sound (not always bad) and functionality, but on the flip side, we’ve got excellent relaxation and thoughtful layout. These cans are fast to get used to, so they’re instinctive, practical, and at precisely the exact same time comfortable so that you can easily forget about them.

The Logitech G332 isn’t Rolls-Royce one of the gaming headsets as well as Mercedes. Nonetheless, it’s the equal of a cozy family, which likely does not provide us a sporty sense every time we use it, but it completely meets all of the prerequisites. This is a set of decent headphones, that can be worth 34.99-35.99$.

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