BenQ HT2150ST Review (1080p DLP Projector)

BenQ HT2150ST













  • Good color accuracy and contrast for the price
  • Short-throw lens delivers big image from close to the screen
  • Low input lag means fast reaction time for gamers


  • Maximum input resolution is limited to the native 1080p (1,920 by 1,080)
  • No support for HDR

As a result of this BenQ HT2150ST inspection, you can get familiar with the good projector which has 2.200 lumens with the usage of a 240W lamp. Such a peculiarity creates a profound image with realistic and bright colors. It is possible to decide on the ideal style for your content (Intelligent, Vivid, Cinema, Game, User manners ) whereas the Game style is decided by the default option.

Design Of BenQ HT2150ST

The maker complemented the BenQ HT2150ST using the specific setup feature with no printing into misalignment, so the user will not need to be concerned about the sharp lowering and color quality corrosion. Vertical and horizontal keystone is considered a nice bonus for simple installation. The installation method is trouble-free as after turning the device on, you need to pick one of the shown projector’s rankings, pick the language up, the keystone, pick the automobile menu, and source type. Adhere to the on-screen guide and find the comprehensive information from the guide.



The BenQ HT2150ST projector provides a very sharp picture with vibrant colors. On account of this Brief Throw feature, you can put the apparatus not far from your display and get quite a clear picture without hindrances and unrealistic colors, which is useful for gambling. The fan is not perceptible during the job. In addition, you may use the Eco style so as to save lamp hours (its book is 3500 (Standard mode) / / 5000 (Economic mode) / / 7000 (Eco mode).

I really enjoy the distance as the buttons respond immediately without flaws. Anyhow, the 3D image is actually rich and vibrant, which offers complete immersion. The BenQ HT2150ST throw space is extremely low since it lets a 100-inch display projecting from only 3 feet. The gadget is amended with a 1.2:1 zoom that’s a fantastic peculiarity, however, it does not have flat lens altering that isn’t actually comfortable for projector placement.

Video Quality Of BenQ HT2150ST

The BenQ HT2150ST specs are magnificent, but its layout is much more striking. This medium-sized unit features a fairly large body framework of white shiny plastic. The lens is on the other hand and adjacent to it there’s the hardly visible infrared receiver. Its focus ring has a gentle and smooth movement, with no backlash, moreover, it’s simple to concentrate on sharpness using its aid.benq-ht2150st-dlp-link


There’s also a sliding door to the lens and also nearly an imperceptible IR sensor for remote management. Significant air vents create the requirement for temperature management.

Such a device is a superb solution for people who prefer solid superior apparatus with contemporary features and with no compromises. The system provides the consumer with a great color balance, sufficient brightness, very low sound, and smooth comfy to use distance. The BenQ HT2150ST various manners bring the option to enjoy the various image variants and pick the most acceptable. We bought the BenQ HT2150ST therefore our specialist reviewer could thoroughly examine and evaluate it. Continue reading for our entire product review.

Color Coverage

In theory, Cells such as the BenQ HT2150ST are a remarkably wise alternative for players searching for a new screen. You have to enjoy a huge display size (bigger than many TVs) without needing to manage any of those logistical nightmares related to providing moving, and mounting a conventional TV. Not just that, in the event that you ever wish to rearrange your space, change the projector into a different area, or are considering moving, it is just one less thing to be concerned about.



But, projectors usually monitor traditional TVs on resolution, and usually pose more latency/input lag compared to players would like. If you have ever tried playing a match on a TV simply to feel as if you can not aim to or steer as just as you would like, entered lag might have been the culprit.

Input Lag Of BenQ HT2150ST

This is only one of the fundamental features of this particular projector, and a few reasons it is marketed specifically into the gambling audience. The BenQ HT2150ST is an attractive, competent projector with loads of connectivity. It will occupy a considerable quantity of space on a coffee table and surely will not go undetected when mounted to a ceiling or wall. Be certain that you observe these measurements and get a feeling of whether this will work from the environment you intend on using it.


In terms of interfaces, the BenQ HT2150ST provides you two HDMI ports, one with MHL service; a USB-A interfaces for charging the Wireless FHD kit, which we’ll talk about later a USB mini-B interface, for servicing the apparatus; a 12VDC output to activate external devices such as powered projector displays or lighting controller 3.5millimeter audio input and output an RS-232 controller interface to port with PC / home theater controller and automation along with also a PC/component video port. We do not envision most users will take advantage of a good deal of these choices, but they certainly offer plenty of room for expansion when users wish to explore more innovative home automation installations.

Motion Performance

Not included is an HDMI cable or any type of movie connectivity, so ensure that you’ve planned for this until your projector arrives. Switch on the projector, and stick to the easy five-step setup procedure to begin using the gadget. You will be asked if you wish to get it automatically select a source, pick the orientation where you’re setting up your own BenQ HT2150ST projector (low front, higher front, low back, back), place your language preferences, select between fundamental and advanced menu preferences, and undergo keystone correction into account for any adjustments in the angle (around 20 levels ).


If you are using a coffee table place, the upcoming adjustments you need to make are using the quick-release adjuster and back adjuster toes, which may be employed to correct the pitch of this projector and also fine-tune the flat angle, respectively. As soon as you’re delighted with the place, use the 2 rings on the cap of the lens compartment to adjust the zoom and focus to acquire a desirable picture size and a very clear picture. For many individuals, particularly those utilizing the projector out of a coffee table place, these may be the sole installment activities required.

Inputs Of BenQ HT2150ST

For individuals mounting their projector in the ceiling, or seeking to match their projection into the specific measurements of a projector display, BenQ has comprised a desk to help get the favorite image size from the manual. Capable of producing a 100-inch picture from only 4.9 feet off, the BenQ HT2150ST provides buyers a wonderful projection encounter that will work in only about any area configuration. Those living in tiny apartments, dorms, or operating around likewise tight room limitations will surely gain from this.



This may not appear to be a massive bargain in the beginning, but after we began setting up the projector and managing the practicalities of finding the very best positioning and projection surface, we immediately felt the advantages of this feature. Capable of producing a 100-inch picture from only 4.9 feet off, the BenQ HT2150ST provides buyers a wonderful projection encounter that will work in only about any area configuration.

An equally significant design feature to get a few, although it’s not emphasized quite too frequently, is sound. Nothing breaks immersion at a gambling experience over just hearing a loud roar of a buff when seeking to listen carefully for footsteps in an aggressive FPS or dialog in a cutscene of an RPG. Luckily, the BenQ performs nicely within this class, providing whisper-quiet fan functionality and performing a fantastic job of producing as few distractions as possible.

OS, Apps, and Features

Picture quality is certainly the main attraction for your BenQ HT2150ST. We were especially delighted with how good the performance was outside of this box. The 2200 ANSI lumens offer lots of lighting in dim-to-moderately-lit rooms, but may nevertheless suffer indirect lighting. A 15,000:1 contrast ratio appears amazing in perfect viewing conditions and is guaranteed to impress.



Users shopping for graphic quality and foremost must be satisfied with their purchase. The perfect positioning for the projector would be between 3 ft (to get a 60-inch picture size in maximum zoom), and 10 ft (to get a 180-inch picture size in minimum zoom). The zoom will even come in handy when attempting to fine-tune your positioning.

Considering that the picture is basically comprised of three individual colors projected asynchronously, a fast-moving thing on the display can lead to a perceptible color halo result to be evident to the consumer. BenQ HT2150ST accomplishes this by employing a bigger 6x speed color wheel using an RGBRGB configuration (allowing for double the frequency of colors exhibited per rotation). Basically, by showing every color in a much faster sequence, the rainbow result gets almost undetectable, and the two-color accuracy and brightness advantage too.

Premium Performance Of BenQ HT2150ST

The game mode has just 16.67ms of input, and players are going to want to adhere to the choice when possible. Cinema style makes an extremely natural-looking film that consumers may want to go for when they’re using the projector for items aside from gambling, but the Game style was absolutely okay for us to all the various kinds of media we analyzed on it.


The other manners, like Game (Intelligent ), Vibrant, and Bright, all endeavor to adapt to seeing scenarios that are less than perfect by fostering hardness and brightness or cranking sharpness. We do not recommend it because we found the picture quality has been compromised too much to be well worth it. The BenQ HT2150ST includes two 10-watt speakers within them which do a similar job to a little tv, but we’d recommend connecting external speakers when you have the opportunity.

As an alternative, you can divide the sound signal in the origin by getting your game console to send sound over an optical from a receiver. If this alternative is not possible because of the constraints of your source apparatus, you might choose to buy an HDMI sound extractor/de-embedder, which allows you to divide the incoming HDMI sign into your favorite audio format. These devices may be obtained for about $25 and offer much more flexibility to the future.

Final Thoughts

The BenQ HT2150ST is mild on applications and does not include any wise TV performance or expandable programs. For the ones who don’t wish to address routing wires across extended distances, or using multiple devices to connect to the projector concurrently, this may be a fantastic alternative.

Nevertheless, unparalleled display dimensions, convenient portability, and also a cinematic encounter make pellets a truly distinctive offering, even in a huge 4K UHD smart TVs. Considering that the total picture quality and class-leading functionality, we must state the cost is suitable.

Both these projectors are excellent looking, but the primary points of distinction are in color throw and performance. The BenQ HT2150ST leads the bunch in regards to color contrast and performance –the RGBRGB color wheel actually does deliver superior colors and a less conspicuous rainbow impact. The Optoma can be considerably smaller than the BenQ HT2150ST, also will make a much better coffee table choice when space is an issue.

In other words, you’ll be hard-pushed to get a more competent 1080p gambling projector. In an ideal world, this projector would likewise be 4K competent, have double the ANSI lumens, and far better brightness uniformity, but for under $1000, we adore everything the BenQ HT2150ST provides us.

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