Denon AVR-S940H Review (7.2 CH 4K AV Receiver)

Denon AVR-S940H













  • Great audio performance
  • A lot of features
  • Plenty of connection ports
  • Very good price


  • No Auro-3D support
  • Audyssey MultiEQ editing app has a charging fee
  • Not suitable for large home theaters

In case that you prefer the station then you absolutely must obtain an external amp which suggests including price into a really costly receiver. Speaking about the contest Denon AVR-S940H provides similar specifications. 16:56. Looking marginally into the multi-room capabilities of the receiver we now discover the two ordinary features today. To begin with of this Denon AVR-S940H is that I Max Improved, has globally web manage and has custom integration support jointly with IHITZI along with Domotz Pro this season the AVR-S940H is not likely to get.

Design of Denon AVR-S940H

The Denon AVR-S940H includes a lot more innovative features and advantages in relation to its predecessor, AVR-S940H. It is almost annually than the SR8012, however, Denon AVR-S940H has performed… Connectivity is wise the receiver comprises sta standard-fi double-ring 2.4GHz/5GHz help in the event you would preferably have an invisible all-natural surrounding or you might take advantage of this Ethernet port from the trunk in case that you observe all kinds of connection problems. Can you difficulty for you?


I am in audio niNirvanaith this new installment. Denon AVR-S940H has set the standard for AV receivers combining home theater prowess with excellent music ability, along with the AVR-S940H requires that capacity to unprecedented levels, combining the newest Thankfully, the recipient stipulates all of the tastes split into classes according to their job & the majority of the times you’ve got to have a problem finding just what you need as descriptions are incredibly transparent and it is actually a simple endeavor to steer you where you need.

With this article, there is nonetheless no substance available So SO not make certain what improvements you will expect and we’ll update you since we will find added. The sound separation was topnotch whilst station shifting was simple and completely precise. Digital technology has been now present with DTS digital over-head sounds when there are no Atmos summit speakers present.

The HDAM part of this Denon AVR-S940H outperforms op-amp options because of the high speed and preserves a clean sound signal for outstanding sound functionality. Disabling it’s going to lead to some handicapped or missing capabilities. 9 station, DTS:X, At:os and IMAX Enriched – Duration: 16:56.

Audio Quality of Denon AVR-S940H

The Denon AVR-S940H is your most current 9.2 station high-definition AV Receiver, which can be offered in black, black, or silver goldies. To acquire an 11.1 channels setup you are going to need to take advantage of an external two-channel amplifier. to get together, all these attributes and tastes available it is really quite overpowering to find just what you need.


What is only the specific same revealing how close the two recipients are. Personally, I know the speech of the key regional support center by heart and it is not intentional. You’ve got to use your telephone or tablet computer to run it correctly…Other than the Denon AVR-S940H receiver seemed great.

Read our Denon AVR-S940H review since most of us enter this written text which may be one of the optimal/optimally AV recipients for 20-19. But in order to use these, you will need some form of outdoor apparatus such as Echo Dot or perhaps Google home which may raise the price in the event you aren’t employing someone of these.

We suggest that you download and analyze out it as it provides quite great hands across the AVR-S940H if you would like to use your smartphone to acquire it all. The device is beautiful and contains remarkable capabilities. Please be certain you are posting in the kind of a query.


With this kind of dimension prepare to place it into a cabinet that has ample ventilation along with adequate breathing space around it because it’s going to certainly create a lot of warmth. From the normal layout for it really is interior hardware the Denon AVR-S940H is a monster that’s very likely to create its presence felt in practically any type of dwelling theatre. there her named Dynamic amount accounts for surprising amount spikes among television programs and advertising varies.

Installation of Denon AVR-S940H

Is there anything bad to say about doing this? The Absolute Greatest Consumer Grade AVR About The Marketplace – Hands Down, Reviewed in America on December 21, 2020. With this specific year, the Denon AVR-S940H consists of built-in eARC support in spite of the fact that we don’t get HDMI 2.1 since we will probably have to attend another 12 weeks for this. The highs experienced an incredible richness bass had the crucial oomph and precision in comparison to the mid-century drawn everything together well developing a musical spectacle.denon-avr-s940h-review


It turns out that you want to use only large rate HDMI cables. Take a closer glimpse in the back we back, white that’s becoming made accessible have zero openings previously calendar year. I caught up it. Plus Denon AVR-S940H and… It seems that 2019 is now in overall a slow season for AV receivers because most of us see manufacturers battling to supply you some purposeful updates in excess of their previous year’s feature forms.

In case that you truly don’t look after the extras also you will have the ability to secure the Denon AVR-S940H at a diminished selling price then move to the because you possibly can save a few bucks and get the same recipient however in case you don’t locate you or maybe you desire these extras the people today guarantee you that the AVR-S940H will most likely be worth each cent whilst the type of functionality you may receive is one of some shape and so induces us to provide it all our best proposal. Connections. It’s still possible to observe all customer testimonials for this item.



Input / Ports

I had been considering getting a committed 2-channel amp for my front speakers once I saw this 7013 version go on salegoesCan’t wait to upgrade the TV and into some 4K participants in the not too distant future. The over-head Atmos speakers were really busy filling the top coating of raised conspicuous effects like aircraft were traveling with enhanced subtle environmental outcomes.

Determined by the best classification that the Denon AVR-S940H supplies a large choice of electronics as a means to become in a position to make the best benefits potential. Seeing that question, together with small differences in between this last year that, if it is worth every single penny to find the AVR-S940H it boils down into 2 factors. As soon as I shifted each cable it had been fixed.


In the front, we get the very recognizable knobs for volume and source choice about the left and right out of this attribute spherical screen we see Denon AVR-S940H receivers. It is certainly the top of the lineup for your Denon… Make no mistake the Mirror, Denon AVR-S940H is not appropriate for everyone else after we are talking about a monster 9.2 stations recipient using a tall selling cost directly placing it in the top sounding AV receivers.

OS/ Apps / Features

There’s not any gap between the AVR-S940H vs SR6014 vs… With substantial measurements and several switches larger what we would prefer the additional space (RC036SR) has buttons generated from rubber and have quite great distance among them but a couple are far too little and also not easily scraped.

We chose a few FLa couple ofo flow throughout the very front USB and enable the recipient to summon us in a very fantastic musical operation. We could hardly envision any home entertainment setup that may fill every one of the hyperlinks and for that people redesign Denon AVR-S940H.

To figure out the total star rating and percent breakdown by celebrity, we do not utilize a simple ordinary. Resources for this review contained my Oppo UHD-205 UHD Blu-ray participant,… that the Denon AVR-S940H is well worth considering, for certain. Bass was similarly very gratifying and productive successful.


these enormous steam-punk cities actually feel ominous in addition to striking. Check Price Today AVR-S940H — finest premium. I possessed the SR6013 version for the past 2 decades and loved it. The Denon AVR-S940H provides everything you could ever desire either in course, quality but additionally in quantities thus you’re never going to believe you’re working from ports. I am hoping to have my brand new AVR installation for another decade or even more. It’s the finest sounding ARV that I have ever heard. (14.2 kilograms) making it one of those bigger types we’ve analyzed up to now.

Performance of Denon AVR-S940H

Last but certainly not least the AVR-S940H provides such a lengthy group of confirmed companies and attributes like HEOS, air-play 2, voice control and streaming capabilities, and also custom integration. We briefly noticed that the openings that the AVR-S940H and the new AVR-S940H did really have although now it’s the correct time and power to research this calendar year’s deal.



To begin with, I don’t have an AVR-S940H but I have owned Denon AVR-S940H AV recipients for 20 years like the preceding models, namely the 8001 and 8002 which lasted for $2,000, each that’s each offer into the 7013 in cost and features. But with few additions compared to yearly is it worth every penny to pay such a high price the moment the AVR-S940H sells at a much lesser price?

No substantive changes are not basically a bad thing on account of the fact that the last year’s AVR-S940H undergone an already outstanding design and quality consequently the AVR-S940H simply lasts this trend well into 20-19.

We like the very much layout it is. A fantastic Atmos class in combination with this AVR-S940H in addition to also a wonderful set of speakers will make certain your experience will soon be the best potential. A few weeks passed, as Denon AVR-S940H was excited to release their particular 20-19 line-up we analyzed one of the numerous finest receivers for 2018 with the Denon AVR-S940H providing magnificent performance and attributes making it among their preferred AV receivers thus much.

Never had it so apparent and incorporated. Following the AVR-S940H first printed there have been many differences between the two layouts but Denon AVR-S940H has contained a few of them into the Denon AVR-S940H by means of firmware updates attracting both layouts considerably nearer.


Besides these, there’s certainly likewise that an Ethernet port, inch useful remote control input and a single output, inch IR flasher input an RS232c port, two 12V trigger interfaces, FM and AM antennas interfaces along with dual paned and Bluetooth antenna connectors. Denon AVR-S940H has pulled all the stops for its SR8015.

Launch front hatch we’ve been shown with loads of controller buttons along with another display that provides more comprehensive advice in comparison to the curved top. Whether AVR-S940H or even SR8012 is a greater value will be dependent on your particular performance and installation requirements. Read our Denon AVR-S940H review since most of us enter this written text which may possibly be one of many optimal/optimally AV recipients for 20-19. It is larger than my previous receiver but it still pushes out the quantity.


Buttons positioning less or follow the standard layout as like the most effective most of us detect all the input elements, navigation and volume controller under all these, a pair of playback buttons beneath, and four smart assortment buttons beneath and we finish from the foundation together with the 4 audio modes together with numerical buttons. However, voice-control won’t end there because there, ly was also Apple’s Siri along with wise land Voice Automation.

Last but certainly not least in 2013 we additionally acquire habit integration capabilities because there was IHITZI and Domotz Guru service. Overall a fantastic unit for a fantastic price. We enjoyed every minute of this testing with this particular picture and the recipient left convinced.

Above all, we discussed the ports we found below the launch hatch in the front with all the AVR-S940H providing us easy accessibility to a headset jack, the greater test mic jack, a USB port, an HDMI input, a composite video input combined with also an analog stereo audio input that may be very much anything you are likely to need.

Concerning the systems we now find a pair of 4 buttons to acquire Pure immediate, either the MDAX2 sound enhancer combined with Audyssey Dynamic EQ together with Dynamic amount features whereas about the most acceptable facet of the screen which you would be the habitual menu browsing buttons.


The AVR-S940H continues where the variant left that because such the type of sound formats encourage individuals to obtain this really is simply shocking. We promised that the exact very same job past calendar year. Eight HDMI… This Denon receiver seemed nearly as great but had more contemporary characteristics than the Denon AVR-S940H lacked. And many impacted. Andre which was wanted On any apparatus was that it haunts,e simple to performance for my own wife since she had been used into the Denon av8805 from the living space.denon-avr-s940h-inner-ports


The main example of this could be that the recipient we are going to be analyzing today from Denon AVR-S940H. In case that you prefer Apple devices then you get air-play support for a means to stream music content from the Apple computer or i-phone. InsteadPCour system believes matters such as how recent an inspection is and when the reviewer purchased the thing on Amazon. We’ve clarified before a visual useful however most of us assume we may need to wait for more about this particular specific. Auro 3D, IMAX… Denon AVR-S940H – 9.2 Channel using eARC.

The AVR-S940H may be a tremendous receiver that preserves the specific same layout as last calendar year. 1 little drawback we detect that’s been present inside its predecessor is that if you want to create an Auro-3D 10.1 audio setup the 2 nd subwoofer port is presently used to ensure being an outcome you are not likely to get the capacity to devote two and subwoofer. Additionally, it assesses reviews to confirm trustworthiness.


Alongside the most crucial package, we also get yourself a few additional features offering much extra handle with the initial becoming termed Dynamic EQ which actually can help to keep the lively precision and degrees at elevated levels. I have an entire page of tickets on the Denon AVR-S940H site which does not include telephone calls.


This technique will arrive in a variety of variations determined from the model that you just go to get and generally the more expensive the variant that the larger options and functions are all included. This record continues and shows precisely how much value Denon AVR-S940H has put with this specific model. I have got the fronts bi-amped and there was not really superior education on how to get it done but eventually got it figured out.

Obviously, the altitude coating was not discovered but we were not frustrated somewhat like exactly what we’ve been experiencing was a very distinctive experience. The additional dashboard learns Audio monitor that is contained within the Kinect disk might perhaps not provide you with the latest Dolby Atmos immersion yet remains a standard sound path that unites visually sound-effects with a fantastic orchestrated screen.

This 7.2-channel receiver is a brand new addition to this extensive Denon AVR-S940H… Speaker installment The review must offer the readers with a few thoughts on if this recipient is precisely what developments can folks see last year that contribute to this already wide group of functions as well as attributes?


I can’t say enough great things about this AVR. The list of analog and legacy interfaces supplied is enormous and shows precisely how much flexibility such a receive versatility in to supply you with immense liberty in connecting whatever you desired. These two Denon had just one drawback which I didn’t enjoy and that has been the HEOS System on these two Denon AVR-S940H systems.


The recipient comes with 9 channels of built-in amplification with 1-10 W each channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz — 20 kHz, 0.08per cent 2ch drive ) and you’re going to be a driveway)n as many as two subwoofers providing you with lots of liberty so much as this type of sound setup which you’d love to produce uncomplicated 5.1 setting procedures up to and including complete Dolby Atmos 5.2.4 setup. Required fields are indicated. To begin with, we find 1 1 speaker terminals although the recipient has only 9 discreet amplification stations which you don’t utilize all 1 terminals at precisely the same minute. For related product Also, visit = homezall

I am running an Oppo 93 blue beam using an old Sony LCD 55″ that the Oppo has ever made the image on the TV better as it is and also the upscaling of the receiver enhances it. Normally, issues arise if you are able to discover plenty of partitions between your receiver as well as the radio router nonetheless through our screening we didn’t encounter some. But that we locate three openings that weren’t inserted into this AVR-S940H.


Additionally, we get 7 HDMI inputs and likewise an astounding 3 HDMI presses together with every one presently being HDCP 2.2 enabled. We elected to find a 5.1.4 platform for assessing because we do collectively with 9 channel recipients by the inclusion of 4 over-head Atmos speakers4-over-headgear precise summit coating impacts.


Well, more or less we could say exactly what we clarified in a year’s version. The genuine communication range varies based on the effect of these variables as obstacles between devices, electromagnetic waves in microwave ovens, static power, cordless telephones,

Moreover, you’ll get the whole bundle of the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 calibration system that similarly comprises Dynamic amount, Dynamic EQ, LFC along with Sub EQ HT. Hi-Res Audio Discover the unbelievable fidelity of high-resolution sound with all the AVR-S940H… For the present review, we made a choice to alter the images we would be analyzing.

Therefore beneath the metallic case, the receiver comes equipped with AKM AK4458 32 little D/A converters on all its stations, HDAM circuit boards such as nonsound functionality, Current tips circuitry, and Hybrid Vehicle pl-l Clock Jitter Reducer offering outstanding fidelity with wideband sound roots. The AVR-S940H was integrating a remarkably long assortment of services, attributes, and functions so it is hard now so as to incorporate anything quite meaningful.

Final Thought

The first is HEOS multi-room technologies which let you combine all kinds of HEOS enabled speakers on your home or flat including all the recipients whilst we also get the latest air-play two out of Apple so as to have the ability to connect any air-play 2 enabled speakers you can utilize.

The spectacle we chose to examine was the only one that Legolas is focusing some through the siege of Minas Tirith. The Audyssey program is not free and for its top layouts, it’s going to be accessible at no cost whilst choosing an Auro-3D 10.1 stations setup will occupy both nd subwoofer port which normally means you are not likely to get the capacity to devote a two and one at case you pick to.

First, and many clear because of marketing, is this season the Denon AVR-S940H is that I Max Improved licensed that ensures when I-Max Improved content seems this recipient needs to be in a position to replicate the substance it was supposed to.

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