Marantz SR7013 Review ( Best 9.2 CH 4K AV Receiver)

Marantz SR7013













  • Amazing audio performance
  • Huge list of features
  • Plenty of connection ports
  • Great build quality


  • Needs external amp for 11.2 channels
  • Audyssey MultiEQ editing app has a charging fee
  • Auro-3D 10.1 takes up the 2nd subwoofer port
  • Not many changes since last year

Many AV recipients have built-in streaming audio purposes, but a lot of audiophiles are just used when playing films and listen to the audio. The dilemma is that the sound quality of the AV receiver isn’t good enough. Marantz SR7013 is a Hi-Fi sound producer with a lengthy history. Marantz SR7013 is a clear example.

Marantz reduces the perceptible noise-driven from the SR7013 sound circuit as far as possible and utilizes its HDAM module employed in the Hi-Fi origin and amplifier at the front platform to earn the SR7013 play audio. It may reveal the delicate and pure audio quality and create the picture seem more realistic.

Design of Marantz SR7013

The whole number of stations processed is 11.2 stations. Provided that a two-channel energy amplifier is set up or an  “integrated amplifier using HT Bypass function” is created, it can encourage 7.2.4 (7.1.4). Marantz SR7013 proceeds the panel production process of Marantz” M-1 Layout”. The middle of this panel is constructed from aluminum metal. The arc-shaped components on either side are made from polymer materials, mixing the various resonance features of different substances to suppress vibration.


Using a tiny circular window at the center that shows essential information, a huge input selector knob is exhibited into the left with the electricity button under it. On the ideal side is that the volume dial and under all this is a metal enclosure that hides a second bigger screen with more in-depth information in addition to buttons and management keys together with source inputs and outputs.

You will find Odyssey keys on the left of the screen. All these are buttons for film music, and match presets in addition to a data button speaker change. There is also a quarter-inch headphone jack and also put up microphone jacks on the remaining video inputs. All that remains in the front part of the AVR is your Marantz logo and name.

Going through the rear of this SR 7013, we’ve got the digital sound inputs top-left of this board with two coax and two optical slots. Under these, we’ve got the causes with traveling outs and RS-232 management interface, and remote trigger slots. Further down and under these and round the center have been RCA audio inputs five inputs for stereo analog devices and a single fuller point with the floor to get a turntable.

Audio Good Quality of Marantz SR7013

The movie links are all placed to the upper left of this backplate. With seven HDMI inputs with additional info on the front and additionally, there are 3 outputs. There is also support for eARC in addition to average ARC producing the SR 7013 among the very up-to-date AV receivers available on the market.

Marantz SR7013 supports decades. When using intelligent TV to view online videos, like watching Netflix movies with Dolby Atmos audio, it may return a multi-channel digital sound into Marantz SR7013 for decoding. This mode could be triggered if playing-related UHD BD films improve the sound and energy area of their DTS-X surround audio impact and enhance immersion. If paired with accompanying IMAX Improved display gear (for example, a Sony 4K projector), the screening equipment can be improved to decrease graininess and sound, calibrate colors with all the default option IMAX style, and enhance the general image quality.


It can’t just play audio files shared with NAS, PC, and mobile devices when connected in the home but also immediately plug in USB storage devices. I’ve attempted to link with the 3TB NTFS format mobile hard disk which stores audio files along with the audio files that may be performed typically (you may use the remote controller or HEOS Program to pick music). Utilizing the mobile hard disk for a music library will make sure that Hi-Res music files perform easily and aren’t influenced by the hectic network transmission in the home.

This system also supports AirPlay 2, compatible with Apple mobile devices for multi-room audio playback management concerning new functions.

The vital factor in the sound part is that the Audyssey automatic correction works together with the Marantz SR7013. Audyssey is the maximum need to test 8 factors close to the set listening place and demands the evaluation mic’s elevation to be in accord with the rear elevation. The automated correction process is simple to operate. Provided that you run based on this process, it’s not hard to finish.

Throughout the test, maintain the space comparatively silent, and there shouldn’t be any substantial sound interference. Otherwise, it is going to impact the evaluation results. But should you believe the evaluation outcome isn’t satisfactory, you may still change it manually to attain the product that you desire.


Input / Ports

It doesn’t seem too exaggerated and exciting. It’s not the type of intentionally emphasized treble and robust bass influence. This type of noise gives folks a fantastic initial impression. Nonetheless, it isn’t too resistant to listening, along with the ears can not stand it after a very long moment. Or, if viewing a film, it seems fantastic, really violent, but if it is replaced by audio, The bass gets bloated and embarrassing to listen to. It’s precise since this isn’t overly exaggerated and exciting. Whether I’m seeing a film or a music-like Kinect disk, the Marantz SR7013 AV receiver may allow me to watch films or listen to songs easily and easily.

At first glance, the circuit design of the unit is comparable to the majority of AV receivers. Nevertheless, the true distinction is rather a lot, particularly in the sound circuit section. At the moment, most AV receivers install all of the electronic conversion processors on the electronic motherboard.



It’s another separate circuit board to decrease the sound interference of the primary circuit board. The low-pass filter circuit following the DAC consists of JRC low-noise double OPA processors with passive elements. From the front circuit section, the Marantz SR7013 employs the HDAM module developed only by Marantz to substitute the OPA chip used in most products.

From the energy amplifier part, this unit’s nine stations all use exactly the exact same transistor amplifier. The power circuit exerts a digital/analog different power source. When listening to Pure Direct mode, the exact silent background makes me feel that the delicate feel of pure tools without raising the quantity. The high-purity noise of Marantz SR7013 now makes folks feel as though listening to some Hi-Fi integrated amplifier.

Many AV receiver users continue to be accustomed to utilizing the equalized condition of automatic audio field correction and include a subwoofer (2.1 stations) from the Stereo mode. From the mechanically set bass manner, including a subwoofer to audio won’t impact the music’s low-frequency equilibrium. Additionally, Audyssey MultEQ XT32 can really suppress the low-frequency status wave’s too large energy, which makes the bass seem powerful.

OS/ Apps / Features of Marantz SR7013

One of the four manners of MultEQ XT32, I have a tendency to listen to songs in Flat style (such as multi-channel and two-channel). It’s fairly near Pure Direct. The direct and crystal clear audio features are rather similar to the expert monitor system. The frequency is glistening rather than noisy. The center frequency is a bit warmer, reasonably conveys the appeal of music, and preserves high resolution. The minimal frequency has fair hands, refreshing and quick.

marantz-sr7013-remoteThese days, music fans listen to the audio files they have and also make full use of online streaming, for example, YouTube, which has lots of MVs. Enjoying music in this manner differs by”listening to audio ” However, YouTube sound is chiefly AAC compressed sound using a data rate greater than or equivalent to 128kbps. This time I tested the YouTube MV. The built-in M-DAX of this Marantz SR7013 includes a pronounced optimization impact on the compressed sound, which makes the initial dull and dry sound simpler and richer. The audio quality is more fragile. I suggest users attempt to flip on the Dolby Surround manner when playing YouTube MVs.

Picture Performance of Marantz SR7013

When playing videos, I propose users place the MultEQ XT32 of all Marantz SR7013 in Reference mode. This mode is likely to earn a little roll-off at the top portion of this high frequency, which makes the film seem more like a theater.

Seeing Dolby’s test picture clip”Star Wars,” not the audio picture includes a very clear awareness of motion and placement, but what’s more, the explosive sound effects seem strong.

Seeing the documentary”Earth and Earth II,” the noise effects are all predicated on the natural surroundings. The Marantz SR7013 introduces a visual noise impact. And following mixing into a scenic sound impact, the noise’s enveloping and spatial sense will probably be more powerful.

Feature Highlights

In comparison with AV recipients at similar rates, I believe Marantz SR7013 has three attributes.

The first is a simple and powerful midrange. Even though the Marantz SR7013 didn’t intentionally boost the bass to exaggerate the feeling of vitality, it could nevertheless demonstrate the noise’s density and strength using a thick mid. This is the regular practice of high-end goods.

The next is a great awareness of space. The picture’s footage of this outside scene makes me feel as though the listening distance walls and ceilings don’t exist. An open and comprehensive awareness of space, little, rich sounds are all around the area, and also the feeling of hierarchy from close to far is quite distinct.

The next is quite clear audio placement, particularly moving video and audio. When you shut your eyes, you’ll feel the way the sound thing changes its location, height, and space as it moves through space. The superb performance of Marantz SR7013 at the feeling of space and sound and video placement makes it rather good at expressing the noise effect of flying from the film. It not only conveys the feeling of envelopment but also sets the sound with you.



The number and power of stations of this flagship AV recipient of brands are nearly exactly the same. Most new high-end versions haven’t embraced this method but embraced a balanced and impartial setting alteration.

The exact same goes for Marantz SR7013. But even if comparing costs are normally neutral, Marantz SR7013 nevertheless has a distinguishing personality. With pure and high-resolution sound, the film sound effect is displayed in detail and realistically. With its exceptional performance and reasonable cost, it must be our very best recommendation.

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