Marantz SR7012 Review (9.2 CH 4K AV Receiver)

Marantz SR7012













  • Many Channel Processing
  • Auro 3D with Auro-Matic Upmixer
  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume
  • 4K or 8K Video Passthrough
  • Many Analog Audio Line Inputs


  • No Auto Low Latency Mode Pass-through
  • No DTS Play-Fi
  • Old Bluetooth Version

Marantz isn’t only focusing on film sound effects as with other AV receiver businesses. Marantz has ever emphasized both films and audio effects, bringing the best visual-audio adventures to the client. It doesn’t have to turn on the quantity and can readily show exceptional spatial sound results. Listening to music gently at night could obviously reveal the high quality and comprehensive sound quality.

Design of Marantz SR7012

In the last couple of decades, Marantz AV recipients are flagships so long as they’re 7 8 or series. And an important point: that the flagship consistently has a great cost-performance. If you’re arranging a multi-channel system and initially intended to put in 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 channel speakers, then the Marantz SR7012 is quite appropriate. And its own built-in surround decoding front-end circuit could manage up to 11.2 stations. Therefore, so long as a two-channel backstage is inserted, the number of speaker channels could be raised to 7.1.4 or even 7.2.4 channels.


Marantz receiver has maintained the exact same layout for several decades. The middle of this panel is constructed from aluminum alloy, and also the usage of the alloy may raise the weight of their gear and efficiently suppress vibration. Marantz SR7012 maintains this layout and elegant look, but its brand new capabilities are somewhat more sophisticated than most other recipients in the marketplace.

In this manner, when viewing online movies like Netflix, the Dolby Atmos multi-channel audio signal could be transmitted back from the TV into the eARC-supported Marantz SR7012, enabling users to enjoy three-dimensional sound results.

Sound/Audio of Marantz SR7012

Marantz SR7012 receiver has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules and also may listen to TuneIn Internet radio and Spotify when attached to the Net. Users may also add a USB storage device to play audio files stored inside. The maximum structure supported is 192kHz/24bit. You are able to directly use the remote controller to choose music without relying upon a tablet computer or cellular phone to set up a Program for management, even if there’s absolutely no online connection in your home.


It’s an entire 11.2 channel preamp output. Two collections of subwoofer outputs may be placed independently, allowing gamers that utilize two subwoofers to embrace an asymmetrical configuration in line with the terms of the room environment.

In Marantz SR7012, the power source circuit is put on the leftmost side of the majority of machines. The back area of the cupboard is that the decoding front-end circuit. The 9-channel AB power amplifier circuit has been split into two components: the front 4 stations and the back five stations.

Since Marantz started to start a surround sound amplifier that supports Dolby Atmos, its flagship machine is outfitted with 4 DSP processors for multichannel audio decoding. Adequate computing power may be used to get Audyssey’s highest degree MultEQ XT32 automatic audio field correction. Marantz’s layout has always paid great attention to sound cancellation. You can see in the image which the wires are protected by tape.

Input / Ports

Analog, electronic circuit separation electricity distribution is now a common design for surround amplifiers. That may stop the electronic circuit’s noise from damaging the analog circuit via the electricity supply circuit. The difference is in the design of this switching power source. The working frequency of SMPS electricity boards utilized by Marantz is all about 100kHz. Though SMPS releases sound, the sound frequency is 5 times that of 20kHz, which is further away from the noise frequency range to which human ears can listen, so the audio quality won’t be impacted.

marantz-sr7012-remoteMarantz rarely clarified the design concept of its environment receiver. However, audiophiles know this veteran maker of Hi-Fi sound for at least 60 years will listen to audio quality, particularly music functionality. They have soft power (gathered noise-canceling expertise over the decades ) and hard work (first circuit design and execution ). Throughout the evolution of the new system, R&D employees will carefully assess the potency of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) in every portion of the apparatus using tools, also use this as a foundation for circuit setup and protection, to minimize disturbance.

Noise Solving Technique

The circuit configuration of Marantz SR7012 is very similar to that of all surround recipients. The electronic motherboard is situated at peak of the preceding circuit. The HEOS radio module specifically designed for music streaming is constructed in the middle of the electronic circuit motherboard. Multi-channel sound processing is outfitted with 4 Analog Devices SHARC DSP processors”ADSP21487″ to carry out multi-channel decoding with strong computing performance.

Normally, low-end recipients will set up all station DAC chips onto the electronic motherboard. The high-end receiver utilizes the DAC circuit because of a different circuit board to decrease noise interference, as does the Marantz SR7012.

On the other hand, the setup position of this Marantz SR7012 DAC circuit board differs. The majority of products put in this circuit plank beneath the electronic motherboard, whereas the Marantz SR7012 sets the DAC circuit board vertical. The top end of this DAC circuit board is connected to the digital motherboard, along with the decrease link comprises the signal origin, Audio controller, and sound pre-stage circuit board. This strategy is equivalent to permitting the DAC circuit board to join the sign between the circuit boards, shorten the signal transmission route, and produce the circuit following the DAC further away in the electronic motherboard and reduce noise interference.

Its abundance rate is roughly 10 times greater compared to the OP Amp to your overall audio amplifier (rapid speed), also it’s a complete frequency response feature (good back-end expansion ). Marantz would like to use these designs to produce this machine have an edge in”high-resolution functionality”. From the energy amplifier circuit component, the output of each station of the machine is a push-pull output signal by a set of Darlington crystals (2SB1647/2SD2560) with an existing output power of 15A.

Audio Performance of Marantz SR7012

I tested using a two-channel music document, first comparing Stereo (2.1-channel speaker audio ) and Actual Direct mode (utilizing Pioneer S-1EX flooring speaker). It may be heard the bass perception of this Marantz SR7012 mechanically corrected is mild, and it isn’t quite as exaggerated as most surround receivers. Thus, listening to audio with 2.1 stations is still quite balanced.

In Pure Direct mode with no subwoofer to help out with low-frequency audio manufacturing, this unit pushes Pioneer S-1EX using a complete frequency group, and also the bass seems stable and detailed. The frequency is stunning, the moderate frequency is delicate and warm, and it’s natural. The smoothness and superb audio make Marantz SR7012 like a normal AV receiver, but just like a luxury Hi-Fi amplifier.


Even though the Marantz SR7012 includes a powerful capability to drive speakers, it’s a feature that many audiophiles can listen to: the desktop is more straightforward than many costly versions. Listen to music in a comfortable quantity or a decrease quantity, and the audio may still penetrate softly and clearly. The sound is vivid and bright, allowing individuals to listen to the subtle elements. There’s not any need to improve the quantity in any way, and you can enjoy clear audio by listening gently. Use it to play with Hi-Res audio files, and you’ll be able to feel that the true and gorgeous sound of instruments and human voices.

OS, Programs, and Attributes

The next is that the capacity to fix modest sounds. Particularly once you play with a movie which you’re knowledgeable about, you won’t just feel there are subtle noises around the human body and at the area, but can also determine what noise it is.

The next significant feature is that you don’t have to turn the volume up to exaggerate the noise effects of the film. That’s the vital thing because installing a multi-channel system in your home will inevitably need to fret about if it is going to impact neighbors and complain about the sound. The attractiveness of Marantz SR7012 is that if the user plays with the music or film at a moderate quantity that doesn’t irritate neighbors, it may keep the equilibrium of the entire frequency band.

The Marantz SR7012 is created in the flagship degree, presenting a wide sound area, abundant layers, and exact sound placement and motion. Its characteristic function is that it may show vibrant noise at low or normal quantity, as well as subtle noises that are extremely current.


Mid- and expensive AV receivers are distinguished by high-speed output in film sound effects. Many Audiophiles don’t concur that surround receivers may be utilized as an instrument for enjoying audio. When playing with this music, it may demonstrate a delicate feel with a gentle sound, revealing elegant character and beauty, that can be very intriguing.

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