Hyperspermia: Symptoms, Causes, Fertility, and More

What is hyperspermia?

hyperspermia could be a condition during which a person produces a bigger than the traditional volume of seed. seed is that the fluid a person ejaculates throughout sexual climax. It contains sperm cells, together with fluid from the prostate.


This condition is that the opposite of hyperthermia, that is once a person produces less seed than usual. hyperthermia is comparatively rare. It’s a lot of less common than hyperthermia. In one study from Bharat, fewer than four p.c of men had a high sperm cell volume. Having hyperspermia doesn’t negatively have an effect on a man’s health. However, it might cut back his fertility.

What are the symptoms?

The main symptom of hyperthermia is manufacturing a bigger than the traditional quantity of fluid throughout ejaculation. One study outlined this condition as having a seed volume of quite six.3 milliliters (.21 ounces). different researchers place it within the vary of six.0 to 6.5 milliliters (.2 to .22 ounces) or higher.


Men with hyperspermia might have additional bother obtaining their partner pregnant. And if their partner will become pregnant, there’s a rather enhanced risk that she would possibly miscarry. Some men with hyperthermia have a better drive than men while not the condition.

How does it affect fertility?

Hyperspermia will have an effect on a man’s fertility, however, it doesn’t perpetually. Some men World Health Organization have an awfully high cum volume have less gamete than traditional within the fluid they ejaculate. This makes the fluid additional dilute.

Having a coffee gamete count decreases the possibility that you’ll be ready to fertilize one among your partner’s eggs. though you’ll still get your partner pregnant, it’s going to take longer than usual. If your cum volume is high however you continue to have a standard gamete count, hyperthermia shouldn’t have an effect on your fertility.

Are there other complications?


Hyperthermia has additionally been connected with Associate in Nursing’s exaggerated risk for miscarriages.

What causes this condition?

Doctors don’t grasp specifically what causes hyperthermia. Some researchers have theorized that it’s associated with associate infection within the prostate that causes inflammation.

When should you see a doctor?

See a doctor if you’re disquieted that you simply turn out an excessive amount of humor, or if you’ve been making an attempt to urge your partner pregnant for a minimum of one year while not successful. Your doctor can begin by providing you with physical communicating. Then you’ll have tests to ascertain your spermatozoan count and different measures of your fertility. These tests may include:

  • Semen analysis.  You’ll collect a humor sample for testing. To do this, you’ll either masturbate into a cup or pull out and ejaculate into a cup throughout sex. The sample can visit a science laboratory, wherever a technician can check the amount (count), movement, and quality of your spermatozoan.


  • Hormone tests.  A biopsy may be done to check if you’re creating enough androgenic hormones and alternative male hormones. The low androgenic hormones will contribute to sterility.


  • Imaging.   You may have to be compelled to have AN ultrasound of your testicles or alternative elements of your system to seem for issues that may contribute to your physiological state.

Is it treatable?


You don’t have to be compelled to treat the physiological conditions. However, if it’s poignant your ability to urge your partner pregnant, treatments will improve your odds of conceiving. A fertility specialist will provide you with drugs to boost your gamete count.

Or your doctor will use a method referred to as gamete retrieval to drag gamete from your procreative tract. Once the gamete is removed, it is often injected directly into your partner’s egg throughout in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic gamete injection (ICSI). The inseminated embryo is then placed in your partner’s female internal reproductive organ to grow.

What to expect

Hyperthermia is rare, and it typically doesn’t have any impact on a man’s health or fertility. In men United Nations agencies have to bother obtaining their partner pregnant, gamete retrieval with IVF or ICSI will increase the chances of a triple-crown gestation.

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