Queen Elizabeth Is Reportedly A ‘big fan’ of THIS Show And Watched It While Isolating At Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth Reportedly with Big Fan

Queen Elizabeth of England is reportedly a giant fan of hit police drama Line of Duty and watched it once she was analytic at Windsor castle. consistent with The Sunday Times, the monarch conjointly enjoyed discussing the plot twists of the show together with her nearest employee members. Reports conjointly instructed that the Queen tuned in to the police drama throughout a tough time once patrician Philip’s death.


A royal supply aforesaid hip, The Sunday Times, “The Queen was terribly into Line of Duty and enjoyed discussing the plotlines with Tony [Vice-Admiral Sir Tony Johnstone-Burt].” the popular BBC series is thought to own been laden with various twists and follows the investigations of AC-12, a contentious police anti-corruption unit.

Line of Duty committed its season finale last month on might two, which gathered a viewership of around twelve.8 million. It looks Queen Elizabeth was conjointly among the numerous viewer’s UN agency tuned sure the exciting finale that exposed the identity of “H.”The show began airing in 2012 and has had a run of six seasons with the sixth season wrapping up in might 2021.

It has been antecedently reportable that the Queen has alternative favorite shows together with Dad’s Army and also the X issue. The monarch has conjointly reportedly enjoyed look the amount of drama, Downton Abbey, and even pointed errors within the show.

it had been unconcealed by Brian Hoey, the author of reception with the Queen during a 2015 interview with folks that the Queen likes to detect the mistakes in Downton Abbey.

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