Fitbit Badges: We Are Listed Fitbit Rewards For Distance, Steps And More

Fitbit Badges square measure attained for finishing daily and lifelong milestones – and square measure the simplest way of motivating you to hit larger step targets. whether or not that is touch ten,000 steps for the day, mounting a record range of stairs, or walking the equivalent of the nice Wall of China in your native park, there are many challenges to urge stuck into.

What Are The Fitbit Badges And How We Earn Them?

Whether you own a Fitbit badges fitness huntsman just {like the} fitbit badges Charge four or a smartwatch like the Fitbit Versa three, you’ll still participate in earning badges, which might be an enormous inducement for obtaining out there and building healthy habits. If inquisitive about what number of Fitbit badges there are to gather and wherever you’ll realize them inside the Fitbit badges app.

we have a tendency to break down everything during this handy. There is a square measure that alternative ways to earn a Fitbit Badges: you will receive them while for your step count, for flights of stairs climbed, or for weight loss. The step count and stairs strategies square measure split in to daily and lifelong.



You can conjointly earn badges multiple times. therefore you do not simply earn a badge so you are finished it forever. it is a great way to ascertain however frequently you crush those goals
It’s important to notice that manually logged activities don’t count toward Fitbit Badges. You earn these mechanically simply by carrying your Fitbit badge day today. The weight-based badges, however, will solely be attained by mechanically syncing knowledge over from the Fitbit Aria or Fitbit Aria a pair of sensible scales.

So why do not manually logged activities count toward Badges? It’s as a result of Badges square measure bent on the reward you for your daily activities; they are there to encourage you to measure an additional active life. therefore you’ll be additional aware of walking to the shop rather than driving or taking the steps rather than a carry.

Manually logged activities, Fitbit argues, need effort. you are within the mood to be athletic for that short amount of your time, instead of creating decisions to be additional active on daily basis.

How do I read my Fitbit Badges?

There square measure 2 ways in which to look at your badges. you’ll either visit fitbit badges otherwise you will open up the companion app, hit the profile brand within the higher right corner so click on your name. You can then click on “Badges and Trophies” to require a glance at what you have attained. you’ll then see an inventory of your prime badges 1st and may scroll right down to see additional daily and lifelong badges you have snapped up.


Fitbit has aforementioned their square measure over a hundred badges in total to unlock. It aforementioned that back in 2017, so assortment has fully grown since then. the corporate, each once during a whereas, can introduce additional Badges for you to earn, therefore do not be stunned if you see one thing new crop up too.

As antecedently mentioned, these Badges square measure split into four classes. There square measure daily step goals, that square measure measured in steps, their square measure lifespan step goals, that square measure measured in miles, daily support climb goals, and lifelong climb goals. Finally, there are weight loss and challenge badges. Fitbit Badges truly cowl a good array of distance, and you may little doubt be able to pay many time – perhaps even years – trying to unlock all of them.

The daily step badges begin at five,000 steps and go all the high to a hundred,000 steps – which can take some doing. The lifespan distance badges start at twenty-six miles and go up to twelve,430 miles. The daily floors badges begin at ten floors and go up to 700 floors.

The lifespan floor badges begin at five hundred floors and go up to thirty-five,000. Finally, the burden loss badges begin at setting a weight loss goal and go up to losing 200lbs.

Fitbit Badges square measure awarded for the following:

• Step targets (from five,000 to 100,000)
• Stairs climbed
• Distance walked
• Weight loss


For the foremost half – aside from the burden loss badges – these badges have distinctive names. mounting twenty,000 flights of stairs gets you the visible radiation badge, as an example. The step and miles milestones, however, square measure the very oddly named ones. Walking 1,997 miles gets you the mausoleum badge, whereas the Nile badge suggests that you walked four,132 miles.

It’s not completely clear whether or not these ostensibly discretionary numbers square measure distinctive in-jokes or references to the badge names. The river, for example, is 4,258 miles long. whereas the sole one,997 that we expect can be associated with the mausoleum is man Blues’s 1997 song “Taj Mahal”.

The hardest Fitbit badges to earn

We know you wish to grasp what the foremost troublesome badges square measure to earn and that we will assist you out thereupon. Fitbit formally lists all of the Fitbit badges here, and whereas we have a tendency to the thought of listing every single one, we’ve picked out a number of those you will have to place a serious ad to unlock:


I have most of the fitness trackers band over the years, from the Fitbit badges to the Apple Watch to the Adidas MiCoach to the rock to the Withings and many more. and also the Fitbit badges, trophies, etc area unit one of my favorite elements of those devices. The Fitbit badges just about have the foremost badges of any device presently on the market, though they’ve modified a bit over time.

I do want that I might see these within the Fitbit badges app simply, however, instead I take advantage of this link to access them will show your badges to others. To do so, log into the dashboard and click on on the gear icon within the higher right corner of the screen. Then click on the Settings menu and choose Privacy. From here you’ll opt to show the badges you’ve got to others. Steps Daily step most badges awarded at five,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000, 30,000, 35,000, 40,000, 45,000 and 50,000 steps (guessing if anyone didn’t die going on top of that it’d continue on in.

Fitbit badges are given in four different categories

1) Fitbit Steps And Daily Climb Badges Steps

Just walking daily reduces the risks of vas diseases and even helps in regulating high pressure and cholesterin. it’s a healthy habit that ought to be a part of our daily style and Fitbit steps badges assist you just do that. Daily steps because the name suggests square measure awarded supported the daily steps taken by the users. These badges will be earned once more and once more, therefore you may be rewarded for your daily exertions. Fitbit badges for daily steps begin from Boat shoes that square measure awarded at five,000 steps and may go up to Olympian Sandals that is awarded at one,00,000 steps.

Fitbit Daily Steps Badges List

  1. Boat Shoes: 5000 steps during a day.
  2. Sneaker: ten,000 steps during a day.
  3. Urban Boots: fifteen,000 steps during a day.
  4. High Tops: twenty,000 steps during a day.
  5. Classics: twenty-five,000 steps during a day.
  6. Trail Shoes: thirty,000 steps during a day.
  7. Hiking Boots: thirty-five,000 steps during a day.
  8. Cleats: 40,000 steps during a day.
  9. Snow Boots: forty-five,000 steps during a day.
  10. Cowboy Boots: fifty,000 steps during a day.
  11. Platform Shoes:55,000 steps during a day.
  12. Blue Suede Shoes: sixty,000 steps during a day.
  13. Ruby Slippers: sixty-five,000 steps during a day.
  14. Spring Loader: seventy,000 steps during a day.
  15. Genie Shoes: seventy-five,000 steps during a day.
  16. Futuristic Kicks: eighty,000 steps during a day.
  17. Rocket Boots: ninety,000 steps during a day.
  18. Olympian Sandals: one,00,000 steps during a day.
Do you apprehend, ascent stairs will burn a lot of fat than cardiopulmonary exercise within the same quantity of time? so everybody ought to take stairs and avoid carry the maximum amount they will. Daily Fitbit support badges square measure given to encourage Fitbit users to encourage them to require stairs whenever doable. And it works! These badges square measure awarded to you daily whenever you climb floors as we all know a healthy lifestyle may be an endless habit. we’ve listed all the Fitbit stairs badges below for you. thus what’s your high score?


Fitbit Daily Floors Badges List

  1. Happy Hill: ten floors in an exceedingly day.
  2. Redwood Forest: twenty-five floors in an exceedingly day.
  3. Lighthouse: fifty floors in an exceedingly day.
  4. Ferris Wheel: seventy-five floors in an exceedingly day.
  5. Skyscraper: one hundred floors in an exceedingly day.
  6. Rollercoaster: a hundred twenty-five floors in an exceedingly day.
  7. Stadium: a hundred and fifty floors in an exceedingly day.
  8. Bridge: a hundred seventy-five floors in an exceedingly day.
  9. Castle: two hundred floors in an exceedingly day.
  10. Waterfall: three hundred floors in an exceedingly day.
  11. Canyon: four hundred floors in an exceedingly day.
  12. Volcano: five hundred floors in an exceedingly day.
  13. Mountain: 600 floors in an exceedingly day.
  14. Rainbow: 700 floors in an exceedingly day.

2) Fitbit Lifetime Distance Badges

It’s smart to seem back and see however way you have got come back on your fitness journey. And you don’t need to guess as Fitbit conjointly provides badges supported the lifespan distance you have got coated since change of integrity Fitbit. because the locution goes, “drops of water build a mighty ocean”. You can receive your initial badge Marathon after you can complete twenty-six miles and also the last badge is named Pole to Pole that you simply will receive once finishing twelve,430 miles.


Fitbit Lifetime Distance Badges List

  1. Marathon: Awarded after you have walked twenty-six miles.
  2. March of Penguins: Awarded after you have walked seventy miles
  3. . London: Awarded after you walked 250 miles.
  4. Hawaiian Islands: Awarded after you walked 350 miles.
  5. Serengeti: Awarded after you walked five hundred miles.
  6. Italy: Awarded after you walked 736 miles.
  7. New Zealand: Awarded after you walked 900 miles.
  8. Great Barrier Reef: Awarded after you walked 1600 miles.
  9. Japan: Awarded after you walked one,869 miles.
  10. India: Awarded after you walked one,997 miles.
  11. Monarch Migration: Awarded after you walked two,500 miles.
  12. Sahara: Awarded after you walked two,983 miles.
  13. Nile: Awarded after you walked four,132 miles.
  14. Africa: Awarded after you walked five,000 miles.
  15. Great Wall: Awarded after you walked five,500 miles.
  16. Russian Railway: Awarded after you walked five,772 miles.
  17. Earth Diameter: Awarded after you walked seven,900 miles.
  18. Pole to Pole: Awarded after you walked twelve,430 miles.

3) Fitbit Lifetime Climb Badges

Have you ever questioned what number of floors you’ve got climbed altogether? Don’t worry Fitbit period of time badges can assist you keep track of specifically simply that! the primary period of time badge that’s given to you could be a whirlybird badge at five hundred floors and also the last one you’ll receive could be a satellite badge at thirty-five,000 floors.


Fitbit Lifetime Floor Badges List

  1. Helicopter: Awarded after you have climbed five hundred floors.
  2. Skydrive: Awarded after you have climbed one,000 floors.
  3. Hot Air Balloon: Awarded after you have climbed a pair of,000 floors.
  4. 747: Awarded after you have climbed four,000 floors.
  5. Cloud: Awarded after you have climbed eight,000 floors.
  6. Spaceship: Awarded after you have climbed fourteen,000 floors.
  7. Shooting Star: Awarded after you have climbed twenty,000 floors.
  8. Astronaut: Awarded after you have climbed twenty-eight,000 floors.
  9. Satellite: Awarded after you have climbed thirty-five,000 floors.

4) Fitbit Weight Goal Badges

Fitbit weight goal badges area unit was obtainable if you’ve got Fitbit Aria or Fitbit Aria a pair of. the primary badge is received once you set your goal for weight loss and therefore the different one once you accomplish your goal. You receive your initial weight loss badge when losing five pounds and you’ll be able to earn badges for losing up to two hundred pounds. therefore you’ll be able to arrange your cheat day, solely on the day you’re presented together with your next badge.


Fitbit Weight Goal Badges List

  • Weight Goal Set: after you set a goal.
  • Weight Goal Met: after you reach your goal.
  • 5-Pound Weight loss: attained after you lose five pounds.
  • 10-Pound Weight loss: attained after you lose ten pounds.
  • 15-Pound Weight loss: attained after you lose fifteen pounds.
  • 20-Pound Weight loss: attained after you lose twenty pounds.
  • 25-Pound Weight loss: attained after you lose twenty-five pounds.
  • 30-Pound Weight loss: attained after you lose thirty pounds.
  • 35-Pound Weight loss: attained after you lose thirty-five pounds.
  • 40-Pound Weight loss: attained after you lose forty pounds.
  • 45-Pound Weight loss: attained after you lose forty-five pounds.
  • 50-Pound Weight Loss: attained after you lose fifty pounds.
  • 55-Pound Weight Loss: attained after you lose fifty-five pounds.

What To Do When Your Fitbit badges Are Not Showing?

Some Fitbit badges users complain that they’re not obtaining Fitbit badges. 1st and foremost it’s vital to notice that solely steps recorded from any Fitbit badges fitness hunter or MobileTrack square measure used for subsidization badges. Manually caterpillar-tracked activities or any activity done through the third-party app is additionally not counted.

And if you’re doing a challenge with somebody, then confirm you’re within the same timezone because of the contestant. If you’re in a completely different zone than the challenge you will realize that challenge leaderboard stats don’t match with dashboard stats.

If you meet the higher than mention criteria and still aren’t ready to read your badges, then follow the below mention steps:

1) guarantee your Fitbit app is updated to the most recent version offered.

2) exit of the Fitbit app.

3) Force shut the app.

 4) put off the Bluetooth.

5) turn off your phone for two minutes.

6) activate your phone and Bluetooth.

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