LG Rollable TV Review (Best OLED TV)

LG Rollable Tv costs 50 times as much as a normal OLED

LG has finally disclosed evaluation for its 65-inch LG rollable TV, dubbed the LG Rollable TV Price: $100,000. the value was disclosed in short on LG’s website.

Apart from the rolling feature, the TV offers very little over different OLED TVs. The Signature OLED R does not even feature the simplest image quality that LG’s rollable OLED lineup should supply. The high-end, non-rollable G1 sets (which value a bit beneath $3,000) are able to do larger peak brightness, which is essential to creating an enormous impression with HDR content. The rollable version instead offers similar performance to 2020’s high-end OLED sets. (The peak brightness upgrade was exclusive to the G series within the 2021 lineup.)

The LG C1 is arguably the foremost comparable set from the 2021 lineup in terms of image quality, and therefore the 65-inch version of that TV retails for simply over $2,000. which means you will be paying nearly fifty times a lot of for the power to roll your LG Rollable Tv screen down sort of a window.


That said, the Signature OLED R gives all of the different functions you would assume from a top-of-the-marketplace TV in 2021: 4 HDMI 2.1 ports for 120Hz at 4K, help for HDR requirements like Dolby Vision, a variable refresh rate, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant help, and Dolby Atmos audio.

And if you are concerned about approximately mechanical failure while rolling the TV up and down, LG says the TV will live to tell the tale as a minimum of 50,000 rolls in its lifetime.

The Signature OLED R would not simply roll all of the manners into the bottom; it additionally has a style known as Line View wherein a part of the display peeks above the bottom and gives a few easy information, which includes media playback controls, a pix widget, a clock, and more.

LG rollable TV idea become first unveiled as a prototype at CES 2018, however, tech agencies were displaying off rollable OLED prototypes for a protracted time; we keep in mind seeing a barebones 13-inch rollable OLED prototype at CES 2009, for example.

Now the idea is subsequently a purchaser reality, furnished you are extravagantly wealthy. Preorders begin in August, in keeping with LG.

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