Kangana tests Covid positive, calls it ‘nothing but a small time flu’

Kangana tests Covid positive

Kangana Ranaut on Sat shared the news that she has tested positive for Covid-19 and has isolated herself. The thespian announce the health update on Instagram, at the side of an image that shows her performing arts Sukhasana.

“Kangana was feeling tired and weak additionally with the slight burning and sensation in my eyes for past few days and that i can hope to travel and explore to Himachal, therefore, got my check done yesterday and these days the result came I’m covid positive.


” she wrote within the post. The thespian urged everybody to not be frightened, line of work the illness “nothing however a tiny low time flu”. “I have been isolated myself, I had no plan to this virus has a celebration in my body, currently what is have to do know I’ll demolish it, individuals please do not provide something any power over you.

if you’re frightened it’ll scare you additional, come back let’s destroy this Covid-19 it’s nothing however a tiny low-time respiratory disorder that got an excessive amount of press and currently psyching few individuals. Har Har Mahadev,” she wrote. The news comes days when her Twitter account was suspended when she announced a series of tweets appeared to be moot.

Source: IANS

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