5 of the Best TV Brands Right Now (2022)

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What is the Best TV Brand to Buy?

The number of TV options out there is infinite. What isn’t infinite? The top TVs. The alpha dogs of the tube trade. With so many brands of TVs, you need a guide that customizes your viewing preferences. Luckily, we’ve got a comprehensive list of the brands that are making lists this season. What is the best TV on the market? Keep reading to find out. And after you find a TV, don’t forget to grab a home theater to tie your whole viewing experience together

You may have seen these next descriptors all across Amazon or other E-commerce listings. Don’t fear— the following is a quick “cheat-sheet” to get by: 

First and foremost, LCD, or liquid display screens, have been around since 2007 and are backlit with lightened-up diodes. They are a step up from the first type of flat-screen TVs to hit the market. LED TVs, which are basically “brighter” LCDs, have characteristic “backlit” lights that help the picture achieve its contrast. 

Then there’s the upgrade in the form of QLED, or quantum light-emitting diode TVs. They are less likely to suffer from burn-out than the advanced OLED, or organic light-emitting diode TVs, do. OLED TVs have thousands of self-lit pixels that LED TVs lack but are the most sought-after TVs in terms of picture quality.

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s dive in.


Sony has been a leader in quality televisions since the release of the first flat TV screen back in 1997. 

Since the early 60s, they have pioneered the electronics industry with lines for cameras, gaming consoles, TVs, audio systems, and the list goes on. 

Sony is renowned for its camera quality, or input of pictures. It’s no wonder that the output matches that quality. Sony is one of the best TV brands out there. 

Sony X800H 75” TV 4k Ultra HD — $2,390 

  • If you’re an Android user, you’ll find seamless sync with Alexa and also Google Assistant. Our pick is the 75th inch, but options are starting at 43”. In short, this TV is a thing of beauty. 
  • The only thing that isn’t is the privacy menu options. Some customers have been less than thrilled to see that it isn’t that easy to opt out of its terms of service, which could lead to third-party ads. 


Sony 95J 75” Inch TV BRAVIA XR LED 4k Ultra — $2,998

  • While this is a pricier model on the list, the execution of the sound and picture quality is indisputable. The Sony 95J comes with Google Assistant and Alexa and also coordinates exclusively with your PS5 console by offering 4k 120fps speeds. 
  • Colors are heightened and processed exquisitely thanks to XR Triuminos Pro, a cognitive processor that adjusts the screen to a hue and saturation that the human eye finds beautiful. 
  • One common downside is that some screens may have faulty manufacturing issues with the darkness of the screen. In this case, it’s best to purchase this TV direct from Sony to solve any issues that might call for a warranty replacement. 


Samsung may mean “three stars” in its native Korean, but we are giving it five in terms of TV comparison. Samsung continues to add to its line of pretty much everything—from household appliances to high-end electronics and phones. 

Samsung TVs are catching up in popularity and its line of QLEDs is a no-brainer when you want a TV with advanced features and quality mechanics. 

Samsung Q80T QLED 65” TV — $1,397

  • The Samsung Neo QLED line is nothing short of innovative. One particular model, the Samsung Q80T QLED TV has features that every TV owner can appreciate. Smart features, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, are additionally joined by Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant. 
  • The intelligent 4k quantum processing makes the Q80T model one of the best TVs on the market. The scene comes alive with immense attention to picture quality. Crisp details, like those found on character clothing and set designs, jump out all thanks to superb motion handling. 
  • The audio on this TV is also a treat. The Object Tracking Sound creates a live audio experience similar to surround sound. Are you constantly finding yourself toggling subtitles? With the Active Voice Amplifier, on-screen dialogue is enhanced when confronted with any background disturbances or white noise. 
  • One setback on this TV is the lack of the Ultra Viewing Angle that previous models had. Glare might be a smaller issue with this particular model. 

Samsung 86” Crystal UHD TU9010 Series 4k TV — $1,698

  • The price tag on this Samsung TV adds it to one of the best brands of TVs in terms of getting quality back from the large 86” screen. The Crystal Processor on the latest Samsung UHD TU9000 turns 4k into a memorable experience. 
  • Sports fans are exceptionally benefitted from the pristine and speedy mechanics of the Motion Rate 240— live TV is truly transformed! 
  • Apart from Alexa and Samsung Bixby being included, Tizio gives you a nifty selection of apps and browseable content that adds to the user experience instead of draining it with useless extras. 
  • The boundless design on this television also adds to the gorgeous aesthetic. The boundless design means that there are no side panels; just a pure display that blends into the background atmosphere. 
  • One drawback is the durability of the screen, though. Be careful to avoid cracks or bad pixels, due to pressure from where it has been pressed, when you are moving this TV into its room. 


LG has made excellent use of its top spot in the TV market with its advanced OLED line screens. 

Not only does LG make OLED TVs great in comparison to other brands, but they also make it their specialty. Their contrast adjusting displays and advanced logarithms bring a state-of-the-art experience to users looking to get more bang out of their viewing experience.

LG OLED C1 Series 65” Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV — $1,797 

  • This is a 4k television that breathes a new life into the term “home cinema”. LG has brought theatre-grade quality into one of the best TVs on the market right now. The LG OLED C1 lets users watch movies and shows as directly as they were intended by the moviemakers themselves it’s Filmmaker Mode. 
  • Grab the popcorn and candy! The sound quality on this LG TV, powered by Cinema HDR, Dolby Vision IQ, and Dolby Atmos creates crisp, clear audio that puts you into a movie theatre atmosphere. If you want to further enhance your sound experience, the WiSA ready connectivity lets you connect your high-fidelity speakers with its 5.1 channel support.
  • The G-Sync on the OLED C1 series is highly efficient because it defeats lag when choosing your titles from the menu option. This means that the click to load time on the command configurations synchronizes at a fast rate. 
  • Some TVs “wear and tear” with age, and while this TV is amazing right out of the box, one thing to note is the picture quality that dulls in brightness with time due to the burn of intensity.  

LG 65QNED99UPA QNED MiniLED 99 Series 65″ 8K UHD TV — $2,496

  • You’ve heard of 4k TVs, but what about 8k? While the title of this LG MiniLED TV is a mouthful, its picture quality gives even more room for discussion. The Quantum Dot Nanocell display gives the most high-end backlight pixels a TV of its class can bring. Colors are enhanced and picture quality is given new depths with over 33 million pixels.
  • The super-fast 8k processor is powered by a9 Gen4 AI chip. Its new algorithms adjust the picture and sound automatically to the show, movie, or game being displayed. 
  • Like the LG OLED C1, the LG 65QNED99UPA also allows you to watch your favorite movies in Filmmaker Mode for a truly authentic experience. 
  • The adjustment with subtitles and the picture contrast can cause an annoying back and forth effect. The sensors might be prone to automatically dim captions when on-screen and then brighten the display when they go off. 


Vizio has truly turned high-quality TVs into affordable buys with their line of inexpensive LED displays.

There’s a little bit of everything with Vizio TVs; whether you’re using them to stream movies and shows, or for pure gaming. Their soundbar add-ons also work great to upgrade the sound experience, and again, the best part is that they also fit your budget.

VIZIO 58” MQ7 4k UHD Quantum LED HDR TV — $549

  • Besides its below $1,000 price tag, we love this TV not only does it bring Apple Airplay and Chromecast out to play, but because it also does it under 4k. 
  • The WatchFree+ channel gives this TV comparison an extra edge. Vizio gives users a sort of “hybrid” entertainment channel line-up of travel, food, sports, and lifestyle shows into a free app. You can watch hundreds of free content only available on the Vizio platform. 
  • Vizio Voice also gives a smart voice assistant to you. You can push to talk for an easily accessible menu and search options.
  • Local Dimming Zones sync the picture quality and sound with the program at hand. This makes the depth and intensity of black shadows look great on screen. Alternatively, the UltraBright 600 capability fine-tunes the display by giving great detail and lighting to the scene. 
  • One of the things that can be improved is the remote control. The connectivity can be less than stellar. Also, its user interface most likely needs to be updated with more user-friendly buttons and a bigger design. 

VIZIO 75” P-Series Quantum LED 4k UHD TV — $2,499 

  • While it is over 3x as much as the previously mentioned model, the VIZIO P-Series Quantum TV does bring the upgrades to the forefront. It keeps its Apple Airplay and Chromecast ready options and one-ups it all with 20 more inches, an IQ Ultra Processor, and 2x the gaming pleasure with 120fps. 
  • Brightness is striking on this TV which makes it one of the best TVs to buy. There are over 1,200 nits of peak brightness allowing for the detail in picture quality to outshine its predecessors. 
  • Gamers can relax with the P-Series Quantum Auto Game Mode. You don’t have to worry about adjusting picture settings with this TV’s automatic feature. Gamers also get bang for their buck with the HDR tone capability. Dark gaming maps are obsolete with this detail-enhancing add-on.
  • One con about this TV model is the number of useless apps or “bloatware” that comes with it. Another issue is the fact that some updates like Airplay sync take longer to download and sync. 


TCL is a brand that also caters to different types of home appliances, electronics, and appliances. TCL also makes it a point to offer affordable TVs against the backdrop of rising prices. Their mini-LED backlit TVs are a hit and often offer a to-the-point user experience combined with Smart TV options

TCL 75” 6-Series 4k QLED UHD TV — $1,299

  • TCL brings a user-friendly customized home screen and an affordable price to its 6-series QLED TV. 
  • The Quantum Dot technology makes the picture “pop” and appears larger-than-life by widening the volume of its colors. The Contrast Control Zones also brings 240 localized zones into play while providing noticeable dark-to-light saturation effects. The low-power mode can dim the brightness of some of the colors while allowing for decent viewing quality. 
  • Additionally, the size of the 75” display is pretty inexpensive in comparison to the price of the same size QLED models on the market.
  • Gamers experience a 120hz refresh rate which is 2x the number of other models of similar value. If you pair this with its 4k capability you can have a gamer experience at the forefront of most. 
  • Although this model packs great color complexity, it can drop off due to some of the viewing angles in certain game views. 

TCL 65” Class 4-Series 4k UHD HDR TV — $649

  • We threw this model into the mix because the price is worth a mention. For about $500, you get an HD smart 4k TV that’s Roku-ready. The 50 Lb weight is also great for smaller rooms in the house or anywhere that needs a more portable TV. 
  • Alexa and Google Assistant work to bring you access to over a hundred streamable content channels on a customizable, to-the-point home screen. The home screen also has easily accessible menu options and lacks the dread “bloatware” that other TV models seem to be packed with.
  • Unfortunately, once turned on you have to specify the specific input each time instead of automatically switching to HDMI. This may be nothing to some and unbearable to others. If you want to add a soundbar, it must also be Roku-TV specific. 

What is the Most Reliable TV Brand?

Whether you’re on a budget or have money to spend on the latest model, there is a wide selection of TV brands to choose from. Based on that notion, it has never been easier to own a 4k TV from your favorite brands at an affordable price. That’s because market demand has put 4k at a basic competitive advantage. 

In terms of TVs brands, it depends on what matches your content preferences and specific viewing wants and needs.

Sure, big brands like Sony and Samsung continue to bring the competition to the forefront with advancing viewing specs and image processing speeds; but, there are many other brands out there, like Vizio and TCL, making affordable, up-to-date TV-watching a reality. It’s up to you what you are willing to spend to create the customer experience you crave.

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